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11/3/2013 c4 3Caelus06
great story ! omg. will you ever consider updating it ?
9/3/2013 c4 Guest
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3/21/2013 c4 XEvenAngelsHaveWickedSchemesX
Since you've left this for so long I presume your not goin to continue :( this is a brilliant story though
1/31/2013 c4 24CrazyRach
Please please please upload more chapters ! This is amazing! :)
1/3/2013 c4 Reilly03
Aaah. More! This is super good! Dannng Kelly is nice ;) ahah, but seriously babe.. It's great, so get on it.. 3
12/12/2012 c4 1Rukato86
I'd just like to say that this is seriously one of THE best st. Trinians fics I have read! I love the twist you've put on belle's background story and also the sexual tension present in Kell/Belle. I'm just do sad to see that this story hasnt been updated in so long :( I hope you decide to get back to it some day as it is a truly wonderful fic :)
11/18/2012 c4 andy
awesome fun to have a badass belle -may we have some more badass yet tongue-tied Belle, pretty please?
10/25/2012 c4 3BellatrixKelly98
Really good!
9/13/2012 c4 Always.1234
Really enjoying it, can't wait for the next update :)
(p.s. it's 'ran' not 'runned' - hope you don't mind me pointing that out, just thought it'd help your English)
9/13/2012 c1 Always.1234
I think this is a really good story, which is better written than a fair few on here. Can't tell it's not your 1st language at all :)
(although I think when you put 'graphed into the hockey team' you meant 'drafted'?)
9/9/2012 c4 endmeallyouwant
Hey I ove this story I really hope you will continue with this story and when will chap four be up ? You're biggest fan xx
8/12/2012 c4 11Hollowmist
Wonderful. Please continue.
5/27/2012 c1 MORE
Please write more...
3/26/2012 c4 Millzazilla
Love this chapter, the prank plan was an AWESOME idea! You must write more!
2/11/2012 c4 1ScaryMiley

Je viens de lire ton histoire, géniale.

J'ai vu le film que depuis une semaine mais je l'adore. je vois que ta dernière mise à jour date de mars dernier, est-ce que tu la continue?

en tout cas bravo!

bonne journée.
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