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for Not what they wanted, just Harry

1/24 c16 WrenHp
Harry is just beginning to feel safe with Snape, so I’d love this story to carry on.
1/3 c16 Guest
Can you please continue this series. You last updated in 2021
9/27/2023 c16 perlcat45
Great story, I like how you breathe life into the characters.
4/14/2023 c5 5nicolevictoria00
the stuttering is a bit much tbh
2/1/2023 c16 GenieM
I really do hope you return to finish this work! I am enjoying it extremely!
12/13/2022 c16 lschierer
An interesting start. Hopefully you will find time and motivation to continue.
11/12/2022 c4 Guest
11/5/2022 c1 AQUA FIRE PHOENIX
hoping to read more
9/7/2022 c14 Urutiyori
This story is so good!
I hope I’ll read the next chapters soon
2/16/2022 c16 Teresa
A very good story
1/9/2022 c9 GlenesseaISarana
The Harry in this fanfiction reminds me of Komi-san! Its so cute!
6/21/2021 c16 Mera
Your story is really great - I truly enjoy reading it. In many other stories it seems as if there is hardly any impact on Harry in regards to his abusive childhood. That is why I like your story so much. It shows Harry's side so much and that it takes so much to change/overcome it.
In one of your last comment you said that your dialogues are stilted - I do not see that. I really like them as your general writing style.
What I did miss was the interaction with other children. You stoped integrating Slytherins. I would imagine that Draco would not stop his torment. I mean Harry bested him with the Quidditch plan. For Dracos ego - surely he cannot accept that. Surely he must try something else - try to use a different kid - maybe pay another student for Harry to have accidents, missing homework, damaged books... really would have liked to see that Blaise sees Harry in shower realized that something goes on and tries to befriend him. I mean during the Quidditch incident he showed that he has power. And isn't that something that House Slytherin values?
But I really like that you made Ron interact with Harry. In the books Ron is portraied as jealous and petty minded. So him trying to go further - even seriously hurt Harry. That is something I could imagine Ron doing. Especially using the Weasly twins. So far there is no interaction between Harry and the twins. So if Ron goes to them with some lies and tries to wind them up against Harry... I am sure that would work at first. As soon as the Twins realize what goes on, I imagine they will retaliate at Ron but until this moment a lot of damaged could be done to an abused boy. On the other hand if Nev and Hermione stand by/up to Harry...
Anyway really looking forward to your next chapter.
6/15/2021 c16 FotoDi
Glad you came back.

I am surprised that the older Slytherins are not more curious about the mysterious puzzle that is Slytherin Harry Potter. Where has he been for the last decade? Wasn’t the last Potter l practically adopted by Dumbledore? Why does he wear such bad shoes and oft-repaired glasses? Why doesn’t he have any personal items like toys, photos, stuffed animals, games, posters, figurines, blanket/quilt, novels, art books, Potter Family items (e.g., Potter Heir’s Ring?),...? Or at least have better Quills, book bag &!trunk?!

Moreover, Harry’s immense magical backlash wave against his Slytherin tormentors while on the Quidditch Pitch back in mid- September should have been VERY important news within Slytherin House. The presumed golden Hero was in fact a tiny, malnourished, hopelessly ignorant, and deathly shy, 11-year-old Wizard. He seemed magically average in his classes. He projected no powerful Charisma or advanced magical skills. Yet, he had produced a wave of Magic so great it was on par with an Archmagus. That unexpected magical feat SHOULD rattle any Slytherin. Young Harry Potter is neither what they expected him to be nor what he appears to be. The real-life Potter is a disconcerting conundrum and bears close scrutiny.
6/5/2021 c4 4BROMBROS
Well the Prologue shouldn't have been repeated. I'm having to skip this chapter completely to continue the story.
6/2/2021 c16 7ferns25100
This story is brilliant!
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