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8/16/2018 c6 XXX-Rose-of-deathXXX
please update it i can't wait to find out what happens nexts
3/24/2015 c6 1Lillian Marie Hope
This is amazing please write more and there is no way this is a K it is more like a T
11/7/2014 c6 i am mrs emmett cullen
Hey just wondering why you never continued with this story? You had a really good plot line going and then just stopped.
6/5/2014 c6 Doritos79
hell yeah Awesome fiction :)
3/2/2014 c6 wismann
UPDATE. ASAP PLEASE X100000000000000
1/14/2014 c6 louisa
Please update again this is awesome
8/1/2013 c6 Liv-Love-Work-Play-READ
It's hood do far and I can't wait to see what the main plot is so please finish xxx
2/3/2013 c6 3Team Major Whitlock
i hope you can update soon x
2/3/2013 c5 Team Major Whitlock
this chapter was epic, in my opinion
2/3/2013 c4 Team Major Whitlock
2/3/2013 c3 Team Major Whitlock
I loved it x
2/3/2013 c2 Team Major Whitlock
I loved it, this chappy was AMAZING x
2/3/2013 c1 Team Major Whitlock
I loved it, I've been looking for a story like this of a whille now and im glad youve found them x
12/28/2012 c6 MySexyPack101
Please continue!
8/1/2012 c6 1Mrs. VampDiva Belikov
More more. Write more! Pretty Please!
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