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4/28/2021 c1 1liberalmaymay
This was so beautiful and good, you're an amazing writer.
P.S. Am I the only one feeling sad for Adrian as well ?
4/18/2021 c1 russia2774
Loved it and more tears
8/16/2018 c1 ginabowman2005
I am impressed with this story. It's not often that someone can take a love story like Rose and Dimitri's and turn it around like this. Good job.
1/24/2016 c1 10AngieJordaan
that was the most heart breaking thing i ever read... i loved it so much and your not crazy i cried to. it was so so beautiful. :( i hope i find love like theirs lol
8/5/2013 c1 RoseHathaway22
Amazing! Deep and touching
1/25/2013 c1 awesome ivashkov
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm crying now o.O :c
8/27/2012 c1 Guest
soooooooooooo saad i cried through it all
6/30/2012 c1 Radioactive hearts
Oh my god. :'( That was so good. I think I've read this fanfiction four or five times yet each time it makes me cry. I love this story, hell I love all of your stories. They're all amazing. Please, keep writing stories, you'r amazing at it.
2/4/2012 c1 1mParis
Who's your therapist? I may need to join those sessions! And if there were any errors, no one saw them; we were all crying just as much!
1/21/2012 c1 26kittenxxkisses
God, I'm crying too. I have this weird obsession with making myself read fanfics-that-make-me-cry before sleeping. I have no idea why -.-"

However, it does seem a little bit OOC...I don't think Fimitri would lose control like that, even if his heart was broken. He didn't kill himself when Ivan died, he just became more reclusive :(

Maybe this would have worked better as a Chrissa fic, with Lissa marrying Aaron? Meh. It made me cry anyway :D

kat xx
12/7/2011 c1 Death's Shadow
Oh God, i cried when i read this! so heart-wrenching.
12/7/2011 c1 4Clara Kingston
O-M-G- This made me cry and still crying, this is so sad, but i love the story!:(
11/6/2011 c1 13forstarsandmoonshine
You freaking made me cry! Sob sob...
10/15/2011 c1 6XxDeadlyBlackRosexX
Oh my gosh! This is so sad! I had tears in my eyes! It was so meaningful and very beautiful. You really caught the characters' emotions!

I'm just a tiny bit confused. If Rose killed herself because she couldn't live without him then why did she marry Adrian?

I feel a little bad for Adrian because his wife killed her self because her ex-lover killed himself. Poor guy. :(

I really loved this one-shot! It was amazing! Well done!

9/11/2011 c1 ladora
I'm so distraught right now. I don't normally review stories, but I normally NEVER cry during them either. I think this story with its plot could have easily have been really ridiculous & overdone, but your writing is incredible & you wrote it so that it was dramatic yet believable. I've read stories with similar themes & the writers are terrible & make the characters really over-the-top & I can't bear to finish them. I'm really impressed. I hope to read more from you, but maybe a little happier ending next time, lol? Lord knows my heart can't take too much.
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