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6/22/2012 c2 MoonlitxAngel
www . change petitions / fanfiction-net-stop-the-destruction-of-fanfiction-net

(Just take out the spaces)

This is an official petition on Change . Org to stop this. 3
4/22/2012 c1 Nizumani
Very nice you should make a full story to this
7/12/2011 c1 7code ninjahinja
wow. that is extrodinary. your a really good writer. i hope to write like that in the future. your turly good at what you do.
5/31/2011 c1 Amy
The fact that she never seemed to love Ulrich back the way he loved her was my big problem with Yumi. I know Sissy isn't the nicest girl out there (she's one killer Diva) but at least she knows how she feels. And Ulrich starts to see in some episodes that they could be something between them so I don't get why he keeps on chasing Yumi. Yumi is seriously something else...

Meh, for every guy like Ulrich there's a prince charming waiting to take girls like Sissy away b/c he never realizes it in time that she's the one. And girls like Yumi have such high standards they pass up the guy that might be their soul mate just b/c another guy makes the right moves. -sigh-
5/24/2011 c1 Zohan
I have an idea for a plot please do it. William in prison now an criminal is let out and has some business to kill ulrich stern for taking yumi will William kill ulrich? Who will yumi chose will you do my plot please please please please do it and could u mention me

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