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9/18/2017 c1 32jeffthemermaid
Honestly, I didn't love the dialogue. But I LOVED LOVED the descriptions, and the build up. It was gorgeous and well worth reading. Great job! And congrats for winning the award. :) :)
3/12/2016 c1 3craaazyaboutMalfoy
Whoa... Extremely hot ;)
10/29/2013 c1 kiwisrock
2/25/2012 c1 12Debbie White
Good job! ;)
12/18/2011 c1 17TwiliteAddict
Whoa, hot and wow. I liked picturing Edward nekkid and sweaty! Congrats on your Emerging Swan Award!
10/13/2011 c1 13twilightladies
Absolutely loved this! Nice suprise ending!
9/19/2011 c1 10Dooba
Hey doll! Well first congratulations on winning! Well done!

I'll be honest - this is not my thing. I wouldn't say not my theme because I would be lying, but alas. But, and I'm honest here too, what you wrote was hawt. Jeez, I found myself shifting in my chair there!

One tiny feedback thingy, please don't be offended or anything it's just a heads-up for when you are going to write your next fabulous story - you sometimes use past tense, while the story is written in present tense. Try to stick to one tense. I know how hard this is because I continuously make this same mistake. but once you realize you do you can notice and fix it when you read your work one last time.

I loved the twist at the end. The way the end of the scene was determined was so subtle yet so strong, very well done. I loved how they turned out to be married in the end, how they both got a rush from playing that scene. Well done too, for letting them discuss briefly what he liked and didn't like. It's something that is often forgotten in fics. I don't have any experience whatsoever :D but I am happy that you paid attention to that detail.

Anyway, in short: well done! And thank you for writing and sharing it with us :)
8/30/2011 c1 winterohnine
Usually, I'm not a fan of BDSM fics, but this one was H-O-T.

Great job, baby girl :)
8/19/2011 c1 11Elvirina
You are one ballbusting woman. You sure you don't have any experience? You could have fooled me. I not really a fan of the hardcore stuff like this, but it's well written. I liked the ending, I wished that scene was a little bit longer. Lol
8/18/2011 c1 Barbr9
I really liked it. I am a big Bella being the submissive fan but I really enjoyed her dominating Edward. Very arousing. I also liked that they were married at the end.


7/25/2011 c1 IBelongToAVampire
I loved it! It was hawt! And I loved seeing a submissive Edward b/c it's so rare! Very well written. Thanks for the awesome read,bb!

6/27/2011 c1 8KayMarieXW
Brilliant. Love a submissive Edward and you don't see them very often. I thought it was really well written. Because I'm a bit of a softie, I especially loved the last part, it was an nice surprise and a good way to finish. Would definitely want to read more from you, if you decide to write anything else.
6/26/2011 c1 5Sneaky Snarky Subs
Holy Schmoly! I don't even usually like B/E fics and I'm all excited over this one ^_^ The attention to detail is excellent but the one grammatical tip I have is to watch your commas and run-ons. Vereh gooooood though! *applauds* I can't wait till the next chapter!
6/23/2011 c1 12Jasper's Woman
I thoroughly enjoyed that, very hot and naughty. Just what I like. I liked that the fact they were married and are kinky as hell. Can't wait for your next o/s
6/17/2011 c1 Where. . Who. . Me
Props to you for posting your attempt at writing fanfiction. I really enjoyed reading this story, and cannot wait to see if you will be posting any more stories in the future.
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