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for To Not Be Apparent

9/28 c1 26TheBlueMoonRose
Okay... if he used just wandless magic, it will be un-traceable, now if he used his wand it would have been a different story but he used his index finger, wandless magic is un-traceable
12/3/2017 c10 xsam3
more more!
7/13/2016 c10 1TMarvoloRiddle1944
And you left it there?! You can't!
6/18/2016 c3 Guest
Harry's character doesn't fit your story
8/15/2015 c9 Faiien
To answer your question long ago asked, I have felt so exited I couldn't stop myself from smiling. This was when I bought my laptop - first ever, and MINE! Not something my parents could say they owned! It was a very exiting prospect for me, and while buying it I could not, no matter how hard I tried, stop smiling this huge grin. To my knowledge I never laughed, but simply could not wipe the grin off my face. This is coming from someone who has a pretty good poker face when I want one.

I really love this story. Harry comes off as a confused boy who wants nothing more than a normal life where he is not pressured to do any more than anyone else. Voldemort comes off as a power and fear loving individual who is quite obviously at least a little mental. Dumbledore feels like he has made sacrifices, most of which others did for him, and silently demands absolute loyalty while he essentially plays matchmaker but on a much different and larger scale.

I really hope you haven't abandoned this fic. I don't read a lot of dark!Harry fics, but this one is great!
8/14/2015 c10 1Danneyland
Last chapter (I believe), you said something about Bellatrix being the only female Death Eater. Well, what about Alecto Carrow? You've now contradicted yourself.

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It was a blessing. I suppose I'll just have to lie in wait for the next update, whenever you're able to post! (That's a thing. Do you know the difference between lay and lie? Baffling stuff!)

Harry, Harry, Harry - just accept it. Accept that you are not Light, that you have not been Chosen, that you are not their Savior. Accept the Darkness within you, and nourish it! Let it fester inside your heart, and allow its insidious teeth to sink into your Soul. Cast out any desire to forgive, and renege your former alliances to create anew those which better suit your own. Do not fight this part of you, Harry, this true face. Do not shatter under pressure when you can stand solid in the Dark.
Submit, Harry. Wouldn't this all become so much easier?

Heeheeheeheeheee! :D This would definitely make a good Dark!Harry story. Can you blame me?
8/13/2015 c2 Danneyland
If they are travelling to Azkaban by Floo, then Harry wouldn't feel the tug at his navel reminiscent of Portkeys. Just thought I should let you know.
5/7/2015 c10 11Shin'tet
I sincerely hope you come back to writing the rest of this story.
5/7/2015 c9 Shin'tet
That was exciting.
11/22/2014 c8 5Theblackbook
11/21/2014 c7 Theblackbook
1/14/2014 c9 TheBlueRoseWitch
This chapter was the bomb, and this is one of the best fanfics I have read in a loooooooooooooooong time. Please, I beg of you, don't abandon this story. I NEED more updates :(
12/19/2013 c10 Mashkai30
Lovely story! I like it thus far and am looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing!
7/12/2013 c10 2fanster
It's been a while, but I hope you continue eventually! I'm curious as to what Dumbledore's real motive is, what Snape will do, and the reaction of Harry's friends.
7/12/2013 c9 fanster
Wow. This story is interesting and non-derivative which is rather rare. I feel like almost every fanfiction I have come across has another one just like it. Not the case here. Admittedly, I don't really look for stories with dark Harry and I usually don't like it when I find Dumbledore too dark that I feel he is OOC (I know he's manipulative, but some people portray him too extreme, but I don't feel you've done that here). And perhaps most importantly, the story is wonderfully written. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to find stories with good ideas, but so poorly written I can't even follow it because it's too painful to read. Keep up the good work.
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