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11/24/2016 c2 18Noxaura Cille
AHHH! THE RAVEN! *ahem* sorry. will Poe fangirl elsewhere... ~Nox
11/20/2011 c4 35Gothic-Romantic99
That was an interesting chapter. What will happen next? Good work with this chapter.
11/20/2011 c3 Gothic-Romantic99
Another interesting chapter. Good work.
11/20/2011 c2 Gothic-Romantic99
Interesting chapter. The details surrounding this unsub get more intriguing with each chapter. I'm looking forward to finding out how L and Reid possibly know each other. Good chapter.
11/20/2011 c1 Gothic-Romantic99
This is an excellent first chapter. You've created an interesting case here and good work with bringing the BAU into it. It's amazing how you came up with this great idea while remaining true to both worlds.

So does L know Reid from somewhere? That will be an interesting subplot in itself.

Good work with this first chapter.
10/19/2011 c4 3animeguysaremylife
*haha i meant Death Note/Criminal Mind fanfictions, not episodes ^_^ MORE PLEASEEEE!
10/19/2011 c3 animeguysaremylife
WELL GOOD GOLLY. After tonight's criminal mind episode, I couldn't resist. On a whim, I checked if there were any Death Note/Criminal Minds episodes. LO AND BEHOLD. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who's noticed how SIMILAR L AND REID ARE-young, genius-like, nerdy, socially-awkward, and of course, HAWT. :) But-but-BB IS RYUUZAKI? So every time you said Ryuuzaki, that was BB? I thought you were just switching between names of L! I don't want Reid and Ryuuzaki to be in love! I WANT REID AND L! GARASDFAS *explosion*

10/8/2011 c1 2Prussan
You're probably already way past this, but is it possible that Reid and L met at Wammy's House or something similar? Perhaps Wammy considered setting up a house in America or something like that.

Epic Story.
9/18/2011 c1 2ThatOneGirlDoodlingInMathClass
Is this before or after the Kira incedent?
9/18/2011 c4 ThatOneGirlDoodlingInMathClass
Ooooooo... I can't wait! I've read the summary of the BB cases, but I can never find a copy... this will be good. Also, I recommend slowing it down a bit; you seem to be going a bit too fast and I've been losing track of where you are.
9/4/2011 c3 25AnimeYaoiFangirl100
I love it! I can't wait for more! !
7/27/2011 c3 2ThatOneGirlDoodlingInMathClass
This is really good, and I can't help love how alike Storm and Garcia are. Though... you're going a bit fast. It might just be that one of my ears is listening to an episode of NCIS that I actually HAVEN'T seen, but the story keeps 'loosing' me, so to speak. Other than that, I'm loving this story.
7/9/2011 c2 ThatOneGirlDoodlingInMathClass
Me likey. This is a great story, and L and his need for sugar is just adorable. But then, that might come up later, I've only watched the first three episodes of Death Note and half of the latest season of Criminal Minds, I only got addicted to them a few weeks ago.
7/7/2011 c2 1JaiceyC
I crave more.
6/1/2011 c2 ScrewballBRaine
I like Storm, she's cool "Beg for your lif mortal" :D

This, if done decently (and it has been so far), will be really interesting. Please carry on with it, I'd love to see where it goes.
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