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for Phantom: Karma Slave

3/18/2014 c21 Guest
I truly wish you could continue with the story. It was just getting good. And as a fan of Artemis, there are few portrayals that are as accurate, even if you stop considering the second and third Sellswords books.

I do hope you would write more. Thank you for the amazing read.
8/14/2013 c6 ratchet
few probs but again still gud could do with bein proof read
8/14/2013 c5 ratchet
it left me confused at times how did she know what the gems on the sword did when she had no memory of it? also why does she speak to herself maybe she could have a magical sword that she converses with that would solve both problems i admit it is hard to show a persons intentions without speech
5/29/2003 c2 ChichiX
Extremely interesting. I kinda like her already. It's her personality. ^^ MM...She seems like my kind of person.
5/29/2003 c1 ChichiX
This time around? What do you mean? She was in a coffin, they must have thought she was dead, say, I have a character that's been cursed with revival after death 10 times, and it takes him a few years to get back up, is this something like that?
4/29/2003 c12 3Kirek
Excellent! I really can't wait for the next chapter, keep it up! :D
4/22/2003 c11 Kirek
Hey why the low review count? I just read all 11 chapters and I think the story is excellent! I would hate to see this story unfinished so I'm BEGGING the writer to continue.

Please? :P
3/2/2003 c10 39Shadowgirl1
Nice story! The imagery is compelling and provides a well written description of the events transpiring. The dialogue is also nicely done and I really enjoy the lines:

"Poor Carso had the look of a kicked puppy as the pair waited for the gate to be opened."

"Me? I never threaten, I only promise. Now scat." *giggles to self on that one because she's used that line herself*

"When she awoke, dreams faded once more to half-remembered images that vanished like a thief into the shadows"

"Nau uss wun lil veldrin d'oloth," she paused a moment in thought, then answered. "it means 'no one in the shadows of darkness'. Or more commonly, Phantom ShadowNyte"

Clever coming up with the meaning of the name. I must admit my grin turned into a smirk of delight as I read it. I hope to see more from this story. 'Tis quite good. Keep it up!

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