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for Between the devil and the deep blue sea ENG

2/3/2015 c1 AnnaKathlyn15
Your english is superb. Better than most who actually live in the U.S.
3/18/2012 c2 10TinyDancer365
Really great story so far! Would love to see what happens next!
5/28/2011 c2 1Thot84
I like it so far. Especially Damon's comment on Marta's former life was great.

The only thing that bothered me was the way how fast Damon decided to leave Marta with Stefan behind. Some more needling of Stefan plus a little bit of musing aboutn the prospect on Damon's side would have given a sounder impression.

Also I would like to know why Stefan is the area in the first place. Something like meeting a friend (Who is Martin?) would be already enough, as long as it isn't a "sudden stumbling upon" excuse.

Keep writing. (also in English please, since my Polish is next to non-existing)

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