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for All to Myself

9/18/2012 c1 179363892798
love it!
11/1/2011 c1 2FallenSacrifice1
Guh Cammie still said no after Zach kissed her. Great songfic.
7/29/2011 c1 pinky
That was a good POV for Zach :) Have you heard of All Time Low? They are punk rock too, I like their album So Wrong, It's Right kinda better :)
6/8/2011 c1 2GallagherGirl530
Loved it!
6/4/2011 c1 14luvin'-music
Holy flipping crap!

That. Was. Awesome!
5/24/2011 c1 burgundy
lol that is a good song and music video... i was listenin 2 it while i was readin lol... if i wanted 2 change it i would hav cam b lik u kno i changed my mind come with me but good job!
5/24/2011 c1 5Angel4eva-15
Omg such a good song! I was planning on using it for my sequel for I always get my way! Anyway you did a great job on this! The feelings and emotions feel so real so well done!

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