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6/18 c10 TheBeard263
Different story, liked it a lot. Loving most of your stories so far, except the *cough* threesome one.

At any rate, thanks for the excellent reads.
5/30 c6 Lunar Jellyfish
Lmao Ruffnut is amazing. So is Cami; stealing the penningar was genius.
6/24/2019 c10 29Spartan10007
This was good. I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Hiccup and Camicazi, and liked how you ended with Hiccup and Astrid. Very good work. Until next time
2/9/2019 c4 4CajunBear73
Hiccup's last words sum up his plan, in the simplest of terms.

What started out with Hiccup suffering through another 'meeting', which was nothing more than Vikings blustering through an upgraded wish list of expansion and conquest aided by dragon-power, went through a jagged emotional encounter with Astrid about his shirking his duties as laid out by Viking Tradition while reminding himself he is on the outside of the lives of so many he briefly led for the last year.

That and how Astrid reminds him of watching others attempt to squire her affections while she continues to harangue him to fall in line per tradition and follow the centuries-old rut-worn path he's trying to fly out of and instead dutifully slog through as she's intending...

Simply put, Hiccup's given up on trying to change the current generation of leaders, adults, elders, etc., from their same-plans-different-day/invasion-but-with-dragons-this-time...and is working on the generation that will eventually lead those villages/tribes before it's too late to do so.

And it seems to be working ok, but with a few bumps of turbulence along the way.

This will be my last 'new review'...the rest came after this one, some time ago! But cheers! Enjoyed Hiccup growing up, helping others 'Grow up' and stand on his own two feet to do it. Regardless of the resistance that's to come.
2/9/2019 c3 CajunBear73
Hiccup's exodus from Berk to gather what there is to gather has his papered-wanderings snatched and airmailed to someone who may have the ability to help him start on what he wants to do, what he wants to be, in spite of him seeming to go it alone, now.

Cami's visit, in light of the Terror-missive, helped Hiccup as a best friend could. And she helped him, and herself, as someone who may also see the other as someone more than a friend.

2/9/2019 c2 CajunBear73
In Hiccup's trudging to his confession with Astrid, one member of Berk seems to be the epitome of Berk's never ending 'determination' of Hiccup's worth to Berk...He's still seen as the Useless Runt-Heir of Stoick the Vast, regardless of his 'heroic deeds'...

In meeting with Astrid, the placement of characters and her activities with her axe is symbolic of how Hiccup sees Astrid, Astrid sees Hiccup and how each sees themselves...Her on higher ground than Hiccup and living the Viking life while Hiccup is grovelling as he always was to superior beings...But this seems to have come in the fallout of Hiccup denying Berk and other Tribes a 'Weapon' desired by the Vikings who wish to have them in their own Arsenals...for further Viking conquests yet to come.

While Hiccup is staying true to himself, even before meeting Toothless, Astrid seems to have taken the old Viking fallback that their culture is famous for...Ask Gobber about that from his life's experiences...While Hiccup seems to be the lone voice in the wilderness in this, Astrid seems to have gone two ways to take one path for her future: She was on the inside of where Hiccup wanted to take Berk, the Vikings in general and Dragons-specifically, but see seems to be siding with the majority regarding the Vikings' Future, to continue their 'traditional' raiding/pillaging/conquering ways, but while riding dragons to do it.

For a while there this discussion between Hiccup and Astrid seemed almost like the one-sided one when Stoick informed Hiccup he was enrolled in dragon training while Hiccup was trying to tell Stoick he wanted no part of dragon training, after meeting Toothless.

But as this went on, Hiccup grew stronger in his positions and arguments about Vikings and Dragons while Astrid seemed to let slip that, while she was backsliding into her 'Heritage', she seemed to hope she could have it both ways with Hiccup, the Dragons and the Majority of the Vikings who hold the Majority Thought in this moment. Also, she fell back into what was practically 'bred' into her as an up and coming Shieldmaiden before she met Toothless...

In their breakup, Hiccup's heart broke while hardening a little, while Astrid's let go of the hope she held for Hiccup taking her from ingrained indoctrination and holding her heart.

Hiccup's last words about seeking warmth struck Astrid's heart in a way that hurt her more than any blow struck in battle as her last blow was struck to that log. Its 'Thunderous crack' said it all.

Now Hiccup has to look to a future where what he is is not who will be accepted, so he must fallback on his own to be who he must be to do what he must...Without Astrid.

2/9/2019 c1 CajunBear73
I returned to this tale, to look at it again later in my time to see all that I read would be different and see what I missed the first time.

Best friends who know each other better than their own loved ones...Well Camicazi anyway...Hiccup had to rely on Gobber as the closest to him until he had to take a backseat when the Bog visited or were being visited...

For Hiccup, post Green Death, things haven't changed much...just that Dragons are now to be used as tools or another weapon for Vikings to take into battle...To say otherwise is almost Blasphemy to them, as if Loki himself had barred Valhalla to the Vikings by denying them this path to die in glorious battle as the one through dragons was taken from them...Like denying a two-year old their favorite toy, but could swing a mean axe when they throw a tantrum at the one who denies them their toy...

A bit more worldly than her best friend, Cami does her best to console Hiccup as he's realizing he's only a trophy to the Archipelago and is only looked to for their approval of the insanity they dream up as their futures.

Yin and Yang they are, swapping places depending on the needs of the other, Cami is caught up in assuaging Hiccup's doubts and fears as the best friend she's always been, to Hiccup's discomfort that comes from his growing beyond his 'leg', the expectations now bearing down on him and the lack of balance his life now has become. And a cycle of life Hiccup is all too familiar with from before his 'elevation' to Hero, is playing itself out again, but from his being placed on their Pedestal...to disappoint again, but for different reasons.

And in Cami helping to comfort Hiccup, a line was crossed. A faint one that the oddball-best friends that they are never looked to, or the one that comes from tribal politics...especially the politics of the Bog...

And they electrified each other, didn't they?

The latter chapters won't be reviewed, of course...having done this back when. But up to then? We'll see.
3/2/2018 c10 mykind121
u should make a story about hiccups daughter coming to visit or searching for him.
1/15/2018 c7 Guest
Honestly, I feel this Vic would have been more satisfying if Hiccup ended up with Cami; she was, after all, his pillar of strength for two years, and their u spoken love was really beautiful. Nevertheless, it was a well thought out and heartfelt fic, and I applaud you tremendously for that.
1/14/2018 c7 Hiccup cami
Hiccup and Cami seems more natural honestly
3/20/2017 c7 Anon E. Moose
I think there is some text missing here:
"He would wait for the politics to blow over or for one of them to"
To what?
2/15/2017 c10 CajunBear73
Good tale. Time and life give both introspection needed to become the people they were to be.

2/15/2017 c9 CajunBear73
So much they had to go through to get to this point. Much better it is for them...

Astrid, in experiencing courting as she found it, found that 'Vikings' aren't necessarily best for her.

Hiccup, traveled as he had and is starting to become the man she needs and the Chief Berk will have.

2/15/2017 c8 CajunBear73
Yeah, rough rollercoaster of a chapter...some highs, some lows, but a good base building between them.

Plans and announcements...

2/15/2017 c7 CajunBear73
Both pining for the other, each grew to where they could join together as circumstances in Berk 'demanded'...They have a starting point...

But Cami's right in her request of Hiccup, for all she's done for him to bring him to better footing with Astrid. His intended will be hurt from secrets such as these, but she should know Hiccup does right by those he cares about.

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