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for Indiana Jones and the Black TigerCat

7/27/2021 c11 slytherinxgryffindor12
hi I love this story I was just wondering if you are going to update it soon cuz I would like to see where it goes
11/26/2016 c11 7Princess.Leia.D
please please please update. I absolutely love this story and have read it and Pandoras key at least a million times.
1/3/2016 c11 Cap girl
What the hell you haven't up dated since 2012
And it's now 2016 you promised you would finish all your story's you lied. I love this story it's one of the few good ones on the site. Please please finish the story if if its not late. Are you dead. I hope not
7/13/2015 c11 EmeraldHope
It has been over three years and I know how hard it is to write after so long, but I love Madie and Mutt. If you could at least write something about where they end up together that would be awesome! Anyway thank you for what you have written so far. I love it.
6/5/2015 c11 Guest
great keep writing
1/5/2015 c11 Guest
Please update...its too good a story to end yet...
1/4/2015 c11 Guest
Please update
7/7/2014 c11 Guest
I really love your series! I just finished your first Indiana Jones fanfic, and it was seriously the best I've read. I'm about to start your second one, but I really hope you'll update soon! I'm scared that I'll read all of what you've published so far, and that I won't be able to contain my anxiety and anticipation as I wait for another update! You're a seriously talented writer, and I hope you won't abandon this story!
6/8/2014 c6 20WildeChild17
Planning ways to murder the comb? Well if I was maddie i would've already destroyed it.
5/7/2014 c11 daydreamer987
I love both of your Indy stories. However, are you going to finish this one? I love the Mutt and Madie relationship and after reading both again I want to know what happens and if there would be more... Yours are about the best Indy fics I have read and I love the character of Madie. I think she would make a great modern day heroine not just in the time this takes place. Long term Mutt and Madie could have adventures like his parents and continue the adventures in archaeology. If they were real the characters today, Mutt and Madie would be over 70 in 2014. I see a lot of possibilities in a series about Mutt and Madie and the future post 1957 Jones family adventures.
3/3/2014 c11 7tangle.of.ivy
Are You Ever Going To Finish ThIs Story?
3/3/2014 c6 tangle.of.ivy
Love The Comb Murder Plots! ;D
3/2/2014 c3 tangle.of.ivy
I Love The Part Where Marian Hits Mutt With The Shovel. I Love The Jones Family!
12/16/2013 c1 AngelLove1728
PLEASE UPDATE! this is a really good story and i want to read more of it!
12/1/2013 c11 MoonlitSorrows
I love Maddie and Mutt! Please don't give up on this story!
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