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11/22 c37 lulu2613
That was absolutely amazing. You executed everything brilliantly from the characterization of the characters to the plot! Well done. And I am absolutely salivating at the mouth to read the sequel.
11/22 c36 lulu2613
I can’t believe Azula is dead. She wouldn’t have died if she didn’t take the time to linger in her assumed victory. Same with Jet.
11/22 c35 lulu2613
Aww Suki long may she rebel! Suki was from providence 12 and she was a rebel... hmm interesting.
11/22 c34 lulu2613
That rise with the moon and sun, respectively line it made me think of the movie Twitches.
11/21 c33 lulu2613
Another good quote for this chapter could have been “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” -Reinhold Niebuhr
11/21 c32 lulu2613
It’s funny, not haha kind of funny, that the lyrics from Silent Night are what you used to preface this chapter. I was listening to O Holy Night when Zuko was comforting Katara when she lost Sokka.
11/21 c29 lulu2613
You go Indiana Jones!
When I read there would be dragons I thought here be dragons!
11/21 c28 lulu2613
So Toph really is dead? Toph should have just left like she planned on doing.
11/21 c27 lulu2613
Oh god this chapter melted me!
11/21 c26 lulu2613
Someone’s in denial. Jet immediately caught on to the vibe between Zuko and Katara and yet Katara herself can’t or won’t recognize and/or acknowledge her own feelings for Zuko.
11/20 c25 lulu2613
Is Bumi Toph’s mentor?
11/20 c24 lulu2613
Oh Aang. I hope if it was painful he didn’t feel it for long.
11/20 c23 lulu2613
That was good!
11/20 c20 lulu2613
Woah what a chapter!
11/20 c19 lulu2613
I wished he would have remembered whatever wise words Iroh said that were trying to get through to him.
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