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3/16/2020 c1 3ThatBlueStrawberry
this was so cute!
4/14/2018 c1 136Devin Trinidad
Great job! I loved the characterization of the character—most notably, Wheatley’s. This was a great story with an idea that really set itself up for that well delivered last few paragraphs. It was cute, wonderful, and it could have happened in canon. :)

Great job and have a wonderful day!
12/29/2017 c1 14faroutfangirl
THIS WAS ADORABLE. I am LIVING for Wheatley wanting more kisses. oh my gosh, i'm just-i'm just *cries* thank you for this wonderful fanfic
9/8/2016 c1 4totallyobsessedwithSVTFOE
If this was canon I would imagine the following to happen at the end-

"I would tell her I'm really, truly sorry. It's a shame really. I never got that kiss..."

XD I'm dying of laughter here
4/17/2016 c1 9g14classify
Amazing. So very cute. Never thought I'd ship those two, but thanks to you darn you xD
4/15/2016 c1 4SilverWolfPup
Oh, sweetheart! Lovely, lovely, lovely! That's Wheatley all over (at least at the start), all awkward and adorable and I just want to give him a hug... or a kiss I suppose. So sweet...

I do admit to some curiosity as to what Chell was thinking. Was that just because he's adorable and to make a point? Because she's fully able to not-listen to GLaDOS, why can't she not-listen to Wheatley accidentally insulting her? But then again, it's nice-Wheatley who doesn't want to kill us! Who doesn't love nice-Wheatley...
8/21/2015 c1 2Gonturan0
That was funny and really cute. Wheatley's speech and character are perfect, and Chell's personality is fitting too.
9/28/2014 c1 reyah
thats all? thats just sad..
6/1/2014 c1 Tsuki Kuro 23
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww! Soooooooooooooo CUTE! 33333
5/1/2014 c1 sckid
This is really sweet.
3/13/2014 c1 1nothingworld
Cute little story. Very well written. (:
1/23/2014 c1 8Sagethorn
Haha, that was nice! Very adorable. :3
1/14/2014 c1 Guest
Love this! Wheatley's is so adorable in this! And, he was written very well into character! This story is just so cute, I just want to eat it up! Though it is pretty sad that Wheatley won't get that second kiss though... But on a brighter note, this is a wonderful, sweet and well written story!
9/5/2013 c1 3technoWriter15
Okay that's just cute
8/25/2013 c1 4Aronim
You write a great Wheatley. This was funny and quite cute. Nice work.
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