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for A Broken Girl

3/6/2019 c11 lesa.blazer
Please come back and continue this
6/4/2017 c11 Guest
5/15/2017 c11 Guest
11/25/2014 c11 pleeeeeeaaaaaaaz
Continue it and make karofsky be even meaner and not stop and she tries to kill herself btw great job
9/29/2014 c11 12SammiLoves2Write
Awe this was so sad, but cute!
1/17/2014 c8 Guest
i think you should write a Smytheberry ( Rachel Berry and Sebastian Smythe) fanfic they are awesome together and i think you can pull it off :D
6/14/2013 c11 MsAmyRobertson
this was amazing
3/18/2013 c11 9GRITS girls raised in south
Sequel please. You could do it like a year or however long in the future when Rachel and Puck are in New York. Although I'd probably write an epilogue to this one first just to give it a more finished feel. A few months down the road and how Rachel and her Aunt Lisa are dealing with moving on together after having lost their daddy(Rachel) and brother?(Lisa). As for the sequel Rachel could continue living with Lisa but in New York OR maybe her and Puck have an apartment together. But anyway I'd love to see more of Pezberry's friendship in the future and also I like Samchel friendships.
8/30/2011 c11 1Xx-freedom-wish-xX
Oh. My. Goodness. Thats like the saddest thing ever. I think you should end it with a funeral then have like a 10 years later thing with Rachel visiting his grave
7/16/2011 c11 kirsty
i like it but i wish when rachel go to new york all her friends would go with her and puckel berrry alive as always !
7/16/2011 c10 kirsty
im not about to cry im crying !
7/16/2011 c8 kirsty
yesah and also can you tell him to put puckelberry in the show ! i love puckelberry and pezberry2
7/16/2011 c4 kirsty
poor rachel ...

why cant i stop crying ?
7/16/2011 c2 kirsty
jesus i dont know what im crying 4 its funny you know this is an amazing chapter !
7/9/2011 c11 1Dreaming-Probie
Please continue this! It is an AMAZING story! Maybe you could have Rachel's Dad (The one who went to prison) come back and then battle Rachel about some stuff that was in her Daddy's will? Maybe, but PLEASE continue this! PLEASEEE!

This in an AMAZING story, and I LOVE every single chapter! :D
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