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for A Broken Girl

6/17/2011 c4 2malloryg
This is a great story! I cried so hard reading this chapter!:)
6/13/2011 c11 SilviaGleek22
You could go on with it... Like, it would be cool if Rachel made it to Broadway, won a Tony, and on the acceptance speech she would thank her husband Noah, best friend Santana, and her daddy.
6/12/2011 c11 Guest
I hope you'll continue. I'd like to see Rachel struggling and grieving and maybe drinking her sorrows away again, and Puck and Lisa trying to help her get through it
6/11/2011 c11 4CoralElizabeth
maybe an epilogue or one shot fast forwarding 10 years and rachel wins her first tony in her acceptance speech she thanks Noah (her husband) all her friends her aunt lisa for taking care of her and most of all her Daddy who she knows is looking down on her proud of her
6/11/2011 c11 3gleek30
i def think you should continue this. i know that you ended it with rachel believing that she could make it, but maybe you could show her struggles before she does. personally, i think itd be interesting to see her get drunk, skip class, not care in glee, go to school drunk... maybe you can write a sequel future fic with her trying to make it on broadway or some hiram issues. i dont know, but those are some ideas.

anyways, i loved this story! i cant wait to read what else you write!
6/11/2011 c11 3Kkaty
I think it deserves at least an epilogue

I see future rachel (10 years mayb) writing a musical about het dad
6/11/2011 c11 Princesakarlita411
6/11/2011 c11 1gleekwithbieberfever
Continue or sequal

6/11/2011 c11 12QuinnGilmore
6/10/2011 c11 6NorthernLights25
I would like more. XD
6/10/2011 c11 ciaranoelle
Keep going!
6/10/2011 c11 8caren67
SEQUEL pleasae! Make sure to put an author's note at the end if you are going to have a sequel so I and many others are alerted and we can read its wonderfullness ;)
6/10/2011 c11 SciFigal63
I like your story. What happened with her other Dad? Does he ever realize he was wrong?
6/10/2011 c11 LivinLaughinLovin4ever
sequel please =)
6/10/2011 c11 Guest
I absolutely love this story. I hope you don't end it now. I'd like to see Rachel grieving and trying to move on, and Puck helping her. I think you could do a lot with just that. You could also bring Rachel's other dad back into the story. Rachel could go visit him in jail, or he could get out on bail and come see her. It would be nice if Shelby heard about the funeral or read the obituary or something and made a point of making sure Rachel's ok. And, even if you don't want to bring her in as a main character, she could pop up for one chapter. She could see that Rachel has Lisa and doesn't need her, maybe get a little jealous of Lisa or feel guilty that Lisa was there for Rachel and she wasn't.
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