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for A Broken Girl

6/10/2011 c11 Eden1262
Write a sequel!
6/9/2011 c10 jess
I love this story. every time i get a email saying there is a new chapter I can't wait to sit down and read it. thank you for writing such an amazing story.
6/8/2011 c10 6theEnd710
This nearly made me cry... I love it sooooo much :)
6/8/2011 c10 2LittleMissHopelessRomantic
I cried when Leroy couldn't see anymore... i also cried in the end especially the last line when Rachel said she could never tell her Daddy that she loves him again...

Great story! please update soon! :)
6/7/2011 c10 4Apolla Broadpath
Oh my god that's so sad...
6/7/2011 c10 ciaranoelle
Almost cried! Keep going! Update SOON!
6/7/2011 c10 A
That was so sad. Lisa seems really cool. Is she, like, moving back to Lima, or does she have to go back to NY since she works for Vogue? Is Rachel's dad going to stay in jail, or is he going to get out and cause problems? If he doesn't like Lisa, he might have a problem with Lisa staying in his house and taking care of Rachel. If he gets out and blames Rachel for getting him arrested and Leroy dying, he could hurt her even worse.
6/7/2011 c10 Princesakarlita411
have tears in my eyes
6/7/2011 c10 8caren67
ah! Oh my gosh, so sad. but so perfect! about to tear up here! :'(
6/7/2011 c9 3gleek30
i love how you incorporated her injury. also I love how u put closure to finchel
6/6/2011 c9 Princesakarlita411
poor rachel
6/5/2011 c9 20TVHollywoodDiva
great chapter
6/5/2011 c9 A
Puck is so sweet in this. I like the start of the Rachel/Quinn friendship. I would love for Shelby to show up
6/5/2011 c9 Guest
I just found this story. I love it and I love your other story. I feel so bad for Rachel. Is Shelby going to make an appearance? I just ask because I love how you write her and Rachel in your other story and it would make sense if she stepped in since Rachel's dad is dying and her other dad is in jail, but if not, I'll still read this. The aunt seems cool, too, I just figured she wouldn't be able to stay forever. I Anyway I love your stories. Update soon!
6/5/2011 c4 Daee
I was really crying in this chapter
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