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for A Broken Girl

6/5/2011 c8 9Backstreet Baby12
Wow this is really good i almost started crying
6/5/2011 c8 3gleek30
i liked how she showed emotion, but the only question i had was how was she able to do all this stuff when she is soooo injured.
6/4/2011 c8 ciaranoelle
Keep going! Awesome, Update SOON!
6/4/2011 c8 6theEnd710
6/4/2011 c8 12QuinnGilmore
I am crying reading this but I agree Ryan NEEDS to make Quinn and rachel friends UYpdate SSoon
6/4/2011 c8 Princesakarlita411
great chapter
6/4/2011 c8 4Apolla Broadpath
OMG, I knew your name sounded familiar. I alerted your other story before finding this one 2day!


OK, I really love your story but where's Finn? He and Rach did get together and you justjust can't pretend they didn't. I like your friendships and I would love Shelby and/or Jesse to show up. He really wasn't that bad last episode. I mean imagine seeing the person you kissed the week before kissing someone else on stage? He did Jesse St Suck the episode before but he was (you sing and dance like a zombie pooping! LOL !)) funny and you could tell he loves Rachel!

6/3/2011 c7 2marinka4
I feel so bad for Rachel.
6/3/2011 c6 3gleek30
i love the warblers. i like how you chose to include them in this story!
6/3/2011 c3 gleek30
that ending was soo unexpected! cliffhanger!
6/3/2011 c4 gleek30
wow! this was such a good chapter! i like how puck overheard everything and came to save her! also rachel is such a badass in this story!
6/3/2011 c7 gleek30
i love this story! i like how you incorporated "New York" and i do like the rachel drinking her problems away. I like how noah is the one to see her at her lowest moments. up until now, rachel has been so strong, i kinda want her to break down a little. i want to see her a little vulnerable.. (but not too much, i like this strong rach)
6/2/2011 c7 ciaranoelle
Keep going! Amazing, Update SOON!
6/2/2011 c7 8caren67
so so sad. But wonderfully done. What does Rach's dad think of his husband being in jail? Great job, can't wait for mroe!
6/2/2011 c7 Princesakarlita411
poor rachel
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