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12/10/2019 c9 v.yeesha
naruto and his screaming is getting annoying
12/21/2015 c10 Sara kazim
I love this fanfic, please continue
6/11/2014 c10 5Mystery Day Dreamer
this story is amazing! xD I hope you update soon!
9/20/2012 c10 hateme101
this is really good
6/16/2012 c10 2Unspoken Goodbyes
Don'y worry bout it if its a good idea then i dont care how long the wait is good luck update soon
5/26/2012 c10 8iheartitachiuchiha
ooh awesome! Please continue! I wanna know who the kunoichi is! I'm guessing the real sakura? :DDD
5/21/2012 c10 1Givesyouhell5589
Its been a while but nice to read a new chapter of your story! Update soon
5/9/2012 c10 4TheBloodyLoveOfSakuraHaruno
:3 That pissed off kunoichi wouldn't happen to be sakura would it? :3 :3 :3 ;3 Right? Or it could be Ino. I'm hungry...good chappie though :D
5/9/2012 c10 4Your Caffeinated Writer
INNER SAKURA! LOL And yes please add Itachi!
THE SUSPENSE. URGH. So happy you updated, miss! Yes, please to the Itachi. He is a god, my dear.

5/9/2012 c10 bbarbie325
put itachi in it :D
4/22/2012 c9 booboofvck
Please update soon this story had me addicted. Although I didn't like how you included Sakura's brother in this story (it made the story a little bit AU if you know what I mean.) It was still a really good chapter
4/9/2012 c7 1Givesyouhell5589
you should def update soon its been too long!
2/26/2012 c9 Givesyouhell5589
I love your story, and the way you are including many characters and details. My only critique would be maybe including less crying from all the kunoichi, some is perfect but you also don't want them to seem too weak, they are ninjas after all. Can't wait to read the next chapter
2/21/2012 c9 2sunfishchamp
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