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11/24/2017 c108 ChicagoRod
You're brilliant!
I have been a die hard HP fan since I was 12 and read the first book, now here I am, an adult with my own condo and big bills to pay, still making time to read all your amazing fan-fiction.
It's just a pity that there're no more updates since May/2017. I come to this website almost everyday to check if there's something new and get disappointed 100% of the time. :/
Still, the only way is to be patient and hope you still have time to write these awesome quality stories.
Hope you're well. I'm a huge fan. :)
11/15/2017 c101 Guest
Please continue this story
10/28/2017 c108 85forcverandalways
This story is absolutely amazing! I love every single detail and it fits in perfectly with the books. I also love it when McGonagall calls Dumbledore an "infuriating old man" because it always makes me laugh. Great job, and please do keep going
10/26/2017 c88 forcverandalways
Great story! Can't wait to read on xxoo
10/23/2017 c1 forcverandalways
LOLLL! Love this chapter xxoo
10/22/2017 c17 forcverandalways
This is so funny! I can't wait to read on xxoo
10/20/2017 c1 forcverandalways
I have finished this chapter and I am already crying with laughter! Great job so far xxoo
10/10/2017 c108 Atinybitmad852
This is so good!
I have been reading for a while now, and finally finished chapter 108. I know, shame on me for never having left a review prior to this one, but oh well, not all of are as talented in the art of composing these pieces of art you call fan fiction.
I gotta tell you that you’re an amazing writer, and I enjoying thoroughly every chapter of it. Frankly I’m a bit upset that now I’ll have to wait a while for the next update.
Anyway, I wish you all the best and hope to see the next chapter sooner than later.
9/19/2017 c108 Anack

Now the wait begin...

A absolut love this story and have been able to talk some friends that not are in to fanfic to read. Way? Becorse we are teachers/curator/Head of a summer camp etc. And I feel with the teachers!
I have to have coworkers that... just... Lockhart...
And the feelings for the children when something happens.
The relationship with coworkers. Coworkers that can bee our friend and headache at the same time.

And my favorite are Snape ande McGonagall. Thank you for having so much focus on them! And for including students beside the main characters.

I would love to have more of snape point of view. This must be hard for him. That soon will his family turn on him. The staff is his family. Likely the closest family he ever had. Even if he don't interact so musch. And beside Dumbledore, McGonagall is his closest one. Like siblings. The hurt McGonagall gonna feel and the loneliness for Snape. Its like one sibling kill the father. (Its not strange that coworkers get so close, the living and working together!)

Please have a bittersweet calm before the storm between them! Like confessing the friendship in a week moment due to all stress.

Liking forward to the updates.

Thank you for continue with this story!
9/19/2017 c100 Anack
I have read 100 chapter this week and I love it. I can relive the story from the grown ups perspective. And Im working at a school now instead of being a cild in a school! I so understand the teachers point of View!
This is one of my all-time-favorit fanfic and the first one I Review.
And what I want to say:
Please continue!
I can see that its only 8 chapter left and the story is not nere the end. So please, please, please finish this fantastic work.
8/24/2017 c22 30SkyeMoor
Why in the world would you kick a cat?
8/7/2017 c108 Guest
Updateeeeeeeeeee plssssssssssss?
8/7/2017 c108 40swanglade37
Please update! Please, please, please!
8/1/2017 c5 3jannebu
I like the thought behind the story, but I dont like the way its written. Now I'm getting slightly used to it, but I'm constantly going to the top to find out who is taking and then have to search through the chapter find were I was reading. I'm missing more of a full story, not just dialogue
7/18/2017 c104 10AmericanMuggleborn
Your story is developing well and seems to comply with cannon. I look forward to more. You undertook quite a task telling the whole story from the teacher's point of view.
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