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5/30/2011 c1 Guest
YES! I totally loved the first one so I can't wait for this one :D
5/30/2011 c1 Nikki
I really loved the last one, can't wait for this one! there's so many things to look forward to! I can't wait untill Minerva figures out that they were telling the truth with the dragon! and then she cant give back the points because she'll be admitting she knows about Hagrid! i can just imagine it:

"I'll give them the points back next class..."

"Miss Granger didn't put up her hand! Nobody did! How are we supposed to win the house cup now?" :D
5/30/2011 c1 1Shooeyshushu
ive been out of the fanfic community for almost a er and just came back for this. thank you so much! im loving this.
5/30/2011 c1 DayDreamWriterxo
I really like this, well done :)
5/30/2011 c1 1MinnieKat
It promises to be just as great as "The Teachers Diary" and I can't wait for their snarky comments, it was hilarious last time!
5/30/2011 c1 ImLostForever
YAY! I loved TTN so much, and now I have this! YAY!

So awesome!
5/30/2011 c1 8Lyra124
YAY! good chapter! update soon!
5/29/2011 c1 22ml101
I'm so glad you're writing again! Can't wait for your future updates! :)
5/29/2011 c1 89minerva's-kitten

Can't wait to see what they say about the Trio
5/29/2011 c1 annonamous
please keep going it is helarious

how about the flying situation and house team

don't forget the dragon situation either
5/29/2011 c1 119My Dear Professor McGonagall
Heheheheh this is great! Can't wait to read more! Very funny :)

5/29/2011 c1 5minervathefeline
Hi there!

I like this story a lot - it's funny, clever, and very interesting. Hope that you conitinue it soon! Thanks for writing :)

5/29/2011 c1 4goodnightsunshine321
I like this! :D It's funny!
5/29/2011 c1 Saffygirl
Omg. A sequel to Teacher's Notebook! *squeal*

Awesome chapter!

Can't wait for the next update!
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