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5/5/2012 c6 29MysticalKC
Amazing chapter! I love it! Please update soon! :D
5/5/2012 c6 2Nightlancer600
Such a great chapter. I'm sad that it's short but it was super well done. I hope Finn gets way more than that as punishment. I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope you update again soon. Until next time!
5/4/2012 c6 MovieNerd
Good ch. I like when rachels badass side comes out
5/4/2012 c6 14Willowfan
I love assertive, badass rachel! LOVE HER! Cant wait for more! PLEASE! Post more soon!
4/25/2012 c5 Knockoutttt13
This is very creative. I don't read much faberry but I actually think that this is one of the best fanfics I've read in a while. You should definetly keep it up. Can't wait for an update!
4/18/2012 c5 4passionatelysimple
Ah! This was updated! Where was I? I really like where you're going with it. Update soon!
4/5/2012 c1 YinYangTwin1
i don't know, the whole riding motorbikes without shoes throws me. I've seen it but every time i ride mine with even just open toed shoes, i'm praying that i don't deck lol. It just seems sketchy :P
3/28/2012 c5 fen'Harel
Ahahahhaha, I love this so much xD could you take over for the Glee script writers? I'd LOVE to see not only Rachel preform that song, but to see Jesse get his ass kicked...*wipes away tear* that was simply amazing. I eagerly await any updates to come.
3/27/2012 c5 Kell1310
3/27/2012 c5 BrokenDreams03
loving it just started reading. im totally loving the badass rach :) cant wait for more
3/27/2012 c5 11TrustInFaith
I loved it. Post again soon.
3/27/2012 c4 SalGersGirl
FINN BASHING... ME GUSTA! This isquirky & funny and I LOVE Rachel with SWAGGER! Well Done!
3/27/2012 c2 SalGersGirl
I was wondering what happened to this fic! It's been too long, GLAD you're back!
3/27/2012 c5 15Notjustanotherperson
Great chapter, I'm really glad you updated even if it was a pretty short one. I love flirty Rachel, she's pretty hot, especially picturing her in her badass clothes and performing like that. Anyway, can't wait to see what happens next! Update again soon!
3/27/2012 c5 General Mac
ooohhh love it more chapters pretty please
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