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1/29/2014 c10 Momiloan
come back and update please
12/27/2013 c7 Doritos79
Whaou !
12/27/2013 c5 Doritos79
beautiful song :)
12/27/2013 c4 Doritos79
nice i love quatuor badass yeahhhhhhhhh :)
12/27/2013 c3 Doritos79
I LOVE badass Berry :)
12/27/2013 c2 Doritos79
excellent :)
12/27/2013 c1 Doritos79
Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome i love :)
12/2/2013 c10 Guest
dearest author, keep updating pleaseeeee...
11/21/2013 c10 4lealbee
Awesome read you have here :D really hope you could (would, whatever -_-) update soon!
11/1/2013 c10 3123a456e
Great chapter! Please update this soon! I'm counting on you
10/22/2013 c10 crossmeout
sooo... when's the next chapter?no pressure :D just really looking forward to this story. :)
10/19/2013 c10 Guest
Your back! Awesome. I hope you keep Updating, this story kicks ass.
10/13/2013 c10 31RUMad
Glad to know you're still around :S
I like the chapter, it had its expected ups and downs and a nice amount of teasing in the Quinn and Rachel department thats sure to have us all coming back to more.
Hope you update again soon...
10/9/2013 c10 Fabamf
I was really surprised to get an email update for this story but I'm glad I did and look forward to more :)
10/9/2013 c10 Deedee
I am so happy!
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