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5/7/2020 c40 HGRHfan35
What can I say. Best romantic stories in DOH ever.
5/4/2020 c36 HGRHfan35
Let the good times roll...
5/4/2020 c35 HGRHfan35
Well, hallelujah!
It finally happened
5/4/2020 c32 HGRHfan35
5/3/2020 c31 HGRHfan35
Damn you, Pauline! You just never know when to shut it.
5/3/2020 c29 HGRHfan35
Oh Pauline. You know what they say about ASSume... be careful with that. :)
5/3/2020 c28 HGRHfan35
Gotta looooove Uncle Jesse
5/3/2020 c27 HGRHfan35
The chapter title says it all. And it happens to be pne of my all time favorite songs.
5/3/2020 c26 HGRHfan35
Wow... twister to delivering a baby
5/3/2020 c25 HGRHfan35
He is ssoooooo hers
5/3/2020 c23 HGRHfan35
Jebb... OUCH

Bo... it ain’t easy...kids
5/2/2020 c21 HGRHfan35
What a day. I know from experience it is certainly not easy to keep watch on a turbo toddler. Let alone 2!
5/2/2020 c18 HGRHfan35
5/2/2020 c17 HGRHfan35
5/1/2020 c16 HGRHfan35
Damn that Kathy Griffith. Every time I hear that name, I think of the comediene. I am sure she is a lovely person but her face is so...hard?
Oh well...
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