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for Dear John

8/19 c28 Jennifer Baratta
9/25/2014 c22 24olischulu
If a story! is set "COMPLETE" that usually means it is FINISHED.
Please stop pulling them constantly up one after one.

And if you want to write some "kind" of poems with NO conection to T:TSCC (beside the names of course) then for the love of god just search for another community to do that.

Besides that...
Stop reviewing your "storys" under your own name or under one of your aliases.
1/12/2012 c2 darkfinder
interesting .
1/12/2012 c1 darkfinder
i don't know cameron emotional .
1/8/2012 c12 11F.S.N. Stefan
It's so good but there's a problem. I need to read more.
1/7/2012 c12 rnbm
Interesting set of poems, letters. The last chapter was a turn from the others. The darker side of John.
1/6/2012 c1 12Vampiric Ant
You know when someone has to review their own crappy fic, that's usually a sign of how pathetic they are. Either that or they have multiple-personality disorder.
12/29/2011 c1 11F.S.N. Stefan
good letter. I want to know what will happen if John read it. It's good.
8/26/2011 c1 323No Fate 1990
Cameron meant every word from her heart and I loved the poem

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