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for Percy Jackson and the Darkness of Life

3/18/2013 c5 1Shileysarmy
Hey im muya readed ur story. Preety sweet like it. But i dident understand so right what is going on?Heres a tipp (dont think im trying to be better) Just thake it easy. Try to make ur story loooonnngg just try to look that u dont write stuff to fast. Or u will end like me. I allready wrote a story but at the 5hapter i allready used everything to write my book was toally u read my story it will come maybe in a week or so. How old are ya?Im 10 so really young lol:-)
11/12/2012 c5 3LightningStalker
I don't know when I'll get on to chapter 6, I've been mainly focused on my Rio story. I think sometime in December will be a good time to add a few more chapters, I'm just stripped for ideas.
10/30/2012 c2 18Leaded-Pegasus
Another good chapter. I could sort of understand it if you used WordPad to write your stories on, because that program is awful. But since I'm not sure, I'll say what I was originally going to say. The spelling is a mess. Again, I could understand it if you used some sort of program that doesn't show grammar/spelling errors. But that's why you need to proofread over and over again, until you are certain there isn't a single error. A second thing is the way the chapters are set up are a little awkward. Go ahead and write your chapters the way you want, I'm just saying that it flows a little better when the chapters are lengthier, and aren't just an over-sized paragraph. Also, when someone new is talking, you need to start a new paragraph.
10/30/2012 c1 Leaded-Pegasus
This is a really cool concept. I love zombies. But the characters are kind of OOC. I know it's tough to make them sound like the way Riordan makes them act, but it's not impossible. Either way, I'll keep reading.
10/30/2012 c4 13Erik The Viking
you spelled eons like aeons and watch the I's
10/30/2012 c2 Erik The Viking
you spelled 'which' as witch, the I's are lowercase
and this is how you spell uncomfortable
10/22/2012 c4 1Airwaveraider
hey u should make longer chapters
10/20/2012 c3 Airwaveraider
more chapters please
10/19/2012 c1 3LightningStalker
I know it's not that good, and didn't make sense in some places, but it is my first post, I've started doing Rio chapters so I don't know if I'll ever get a next chapter up.
6/1/2011 c1 IFoundAPickle

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