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for New York Answers Your Letters!

3/13/2013 c2 MaleMichigan
I know it's been over a year since you've replied to any letters, but I just wanted to ask you how you're doing, especially since Irene and Sandy. I sincerely hope hurricane season takes it easy on you this year... otherwise I might start calling you North Florida (which, ironically, is my nickname for Long Island, since it more closely resembles Vital Regions than Florida does to me).

Sorry to hear about the recent struggles of the Yankees, but you know quite well that nothing lasts forever (except for the success of the Red Wings, but that's a different sport).

- Henry F. Bonnefoy-Kirkland-Williams-Jones, a.k.a. Male!Michigan
6/17/2012 c380 louisiana
Bon jour mou deau I am making a match making center to get the states and nations together but i need your help to broadcast it. I give you a pot of my special gumbo if you do. (Sends sample with letter) have a nice day. From Remy ( Louisiana)
1/21/2012 c1 3VstavajSonce

Its been a while. I haven't seen you since the last State Conference. How've ya' been, Yorkie?

Peace Out,

Ricky 'Illinois' Jones
1/10/2012 c375 11Worldsweaver

What do you think? I do now Chica, don't worry.

Walker "Texas" Jones
11/7/2011 c377 Washington
You are not the best state, I am. It's a proven fact. She's locked in her room? That's hilarious! Oregon is so mean! If he's mean anymore, I'm going to tell dad.
11/6/2011 c380 Maryland
Hello once again!

H-he's a Kirkland if that helps. I know that seems odd, but... Well yeah. Also, how have you been? I haven't seen you in a while, seeing as I'm usually by the docks.

Talk to you later sis,

Marydel Jones(Maryland)
11/6/2011 c378 Myki

A visit would be nice. I haven't seen you in the longest time. Plus, you need to meet Annie. She's dating Wisconsin.

Yeah, we need to have some sisterly bonding time. I miss hanging out with you. That, and, it would be nice to talk to someone about- well, you know.

Well, let me know when you're available and we can get together. Oh, and there's going to be a state's meeting in a few weeks. We need to talk about getting the government up and running again. Plus, we still owe China money.

With Love,

11/6/2011 c379 22evemiliana
Hermana mayor,

Adriano: the dog ran away, then came back with a piece of paper that said "I can has aid?" =_= and now it's barking.

Britney: oranges~! *cough*

Adriano: gracias!

From your younger siblings,

Britney and Adriano

((That actually happened. The island of Key West seceded from Florida and was called the conch republic. Then the first thing they did was ask Florida for financial aid XD it was hilarious! Though they eventually became part of Florida again.))
11/5/2011 c375 Maryland
H-hi New York,

          I know your probably too busy to answer my letter...but I just wanted to say hi and ask you two things.

One: Do you hate me? Virgina and Delaware has been tell me that I'm a pointless state, and I'm not a really Jones, because me and Georgia only look like each other out of all the original colonies. I-is that true?

Two: H-how do you get the attention of a capital. He's from another country, and  kinda sweet, but I know compared to other states I'm kind of dull, and maybe little too tomboyish, and I thought since your so cool and fashionable t-that maybe you could help. Also I-i'd like to apologize, for talking to much, I know it's weird because I normally keep to myself, b-but i-if you could help that would be... Wonderful.

           Your sister, Marydel Jones (Maryland)
11/4/2011 c374 evemiliana
Hermana mayor,

Adriano: she named it Key West =_=

Britney: well they were REALLY good! :D

Britney and Adriano: um... anything thatg involves-

Britney: oranges.

Adriano: grapefruits.

From your younger siblings,

Adriano and Britney
10/30/2011 c373 Myki
(Michigan is my OC)

Dear Elena,

Big sister! Hi! Remember me? I haven't seen you since- Joseph di-

Mm. W-well, *tear stain* How are you? I'm currently living with Ryder and his human friend, Annie. She's really cool with us being states and all. Oh, I was wondering if you would like some fudge. I made your favorite!

Love and hugs,

Josephine Ann Jones

(Okay, fill in time. Joseph was Michigan's older twin, the UP. But he died in a terrorist attack, so she's all alone.)
10/11/2011 c371 Guest
Dear New York,

I'm the best state, and Oregon is the worst. Nothing much, but Oregon is acting really snobby. Oregon is not better than me! Right? Thanks, I would tell him myself, but he's more often in the east coast, so...yeah. Do you know how D.C is? She thinks she's better than me too. I am a state! She. Is. A. City! Sorry, got carried away.

Apple FTW,


(this is the same WA I just can't log in T_T)
10/6/2011 c373 6Nancylu92

Yeah, I will. Lots o' apples.

Cl: Anywhere that you'd like~ I'm tired.. *falls asleep*

Del: I cannot see without them! It really is that simple! Marisa can't see without hers either.

...Yeah. I had glasses when I was little, but I don't wear them anymore.

Love + garden hoses,

10/5/2011 c369 11Worldsweaver
Mr. Jones,

Well, you admit it yourself that you look like a guy with your hair cut short. *coughs* damn fires..

Walker "Texas" Jones
10/5/2011 c373 22evemiliana
Hermana mayor,

Adriano: it somehow got worse O_O she got a chihuahua! And it's so annoying! It keeps on having a stareoff with me. Stupid rat-looking... thing.

Britney:yay! You're apples taste really good :D yes! Gracias for agreeing! California and i are always arguing about that. He REFUSES to admit my oranges are the best! Oh! And I got the most adorable Chihuahua yesterday! Though Adriano and her seem to get in a lot of staring contests...

Adriano: stupid Chihuahua...

Britney: hey! She's not stupid!

Adriano: shut it, Esperanza.


From your younger siblings,

Adriano and Britney

((Nya~ I have no idea why Iggy decided to separate them XD well, there was this whole "republic of west florida" thing that Alfred caused... it didn't really end well. Adriano looks like a younger version of Spain~
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