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10/3/2017 c1 Anonymous
You fucking idiot
5/9/2013 c1 38Phoenix710
This was such a wonderful fanfic..I especially liked Kira's being inspired by the other couple's engagement to ask Lacus to marry him. Her reaction was really believable too, given how much she loves Kira.
5/12/2012 c1 1Magus-15IchiGo
Oh So sweet
12/12/2011 c1 Guest
I'm not one to normally use this word for a story but that was adorable.

And sorry for being anonymous. I should stop being lazy and make an account. But hey I least I gave a good review.
8/13/2011 c1 6kataragurl27
i like it
6/5/2011 c1 9Xx Meisha xX
Lacus and Kira are such a sweet pair. Your story was short, but the portrayal seems to be accurate with their character.

I'm not sure where the scene is situated. It wasn't very clear, but maybe that's what you intended. After all, the attention should be on these two characters and their moment.
6/4/2011 c1 2Elifer

Just wondering, when will you update your starwars crossover? Or does this story just an expression on your anxiety on the reception of your next chapter? Well, I quote your own OC, "Go for it."!
6/4/2011 c1 JC
I hope you update Gundam seed:the Rellellion
6/2/2011 c1 2Lacus Yamato
aww I love this one shot! so sweet! great job!
6/2/2011 c1 15Dandy352
In " the word twice," it should be "world."

In " hear those four word," it should be "words."

Pardon me if I miss something else. I've read a lot of stories today and decided to check on GS section when I saw yours. I liked it. God bless with your writing!

:) Thank you for writing it. I appreciate it really, since I also love writing and know how much time it takes to write one, at least for me. I also know we like reading feed backs so here's one for you.

It was sweet how you made the KL pair saw a proposal in itself. And funny how K was told to "Go for it." by the man after being recognized. I think Lacus, being intelligent, actually had an idea but asked anyway. It's sweet as it is.

Once again, God bless!

Sorry for the long review. lol

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