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5/18/2015 c4 1JustYourFabFangirl
Please update! I love this Fanfiction! Please continue, even though it's been acople years! I LOVE YOUR WRITING! PLEASE DO IT FOR MY SANITY!
7/29/2014 c4 canadiangirl
Again, so glad you did this! there should be a part in the next chapter when Ella and James talk about their parents. ( to increase tension)
7/29/2014 c3 canadiangirl
If you are having writer's block, then re watch the next avengers movie and see if there's anything there that is of your interest, or watch other marvel movies, like thor, or captain America the first avenger.
7/29/2014 c1 canadiangirl
I have watched the next avengers over and over hoping that there would be a cutscene that foretells something. I'm so glad you made this! Just a suggestion though, maybe you could even out description with dialogue, and maybe do some twist ending at the end for another book, like, turns out James's mom\ dad is alive, or Azari goes to Wakkanda (where he was born in Africa) and has to stay and rule the kingdom, but comes back later. ( Just a suggestion)
7/19/2014 c2 james rogers
you should hook up James and Torunn plz update this fanfic it is AWSOME so far AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Torunn: oh shut up james (kisses james).
5/24/2014 c2 Zorra
5/24/2014 c4 4Cheshire Kitty 101
I love this story and you rock. ;)
Um, would you mind introducing my character? Pm me back your response.
3/16/2014 c4 zoe 26
I Love the love love square. Write soon I'm dying to know more. In ur next chapter could u give azari and pym "GILFRIENDS". Why don't the couples kiss already. Say hi to Alex.
XO bye
9/11/2013 c4 Sasha
Finsh this great story
9/4/2013 c4 Daughterofzeus2004
Please up date please
7/24/2013 c3 rob
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5/23/2013 c4 133mee
Kool story there. I like Pym for his cuteness and immaturity. *hugs Pym to death like Ella*
Oops... Sorry Pym!
12/28/2012 c3 Guest
Great story. Seems you haven't updated in 4 ever but please do. You should make another kid come in like as if Betty tells Hulk he had some daughter like 10 years ago and team her up with tchalla. I like the idea of a Loki kid and they have to fight him, but first you'd have to finish clearing up this ultron mess. Please write more. Ps. James and Torrumn Rule! HawkEye deserves anyone but Torrumn. I say totally put a humongous mix where Ella ends up with tchalla, James with Torrumn, and HawkEye with som other girl hero ( hulk, ironman, etc daughter)
11/12/2012 c4 AnonyMoose7
Great story. I like reading the bold part at the beginning. Your story is very amusing and I hope that you are able to update it soon. Continue the great work.
10/12/2012 c1 73BBirdy
k love this story to death but for the last and final torunn and james are freakin' brother and sister if not by blood wil everyone please stop paring them but i have to respect your prefreces but other than that EPIC STORY :D!
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