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9/17/2012 c4 MMCG
Why don't you pair up torunnjames and franceyella
9/16/2012 c4 samantha.keller.1023
Cant wait for more. Ps i like james/ella and hawkeye/torrum
9/3/2012 c4 1Prometheus937
I can't wait until the next chapter. This fic is always a good one to read.
6/26/2012 c4 6PansexualKnight11
AWESOME! and hilarious. plz continue!
6/26/2012 c4 4angel2u
Are the fish going to be ginormous?
6/7/2012 c3 Leofrost
Hey,i had read you story a few weeks ago,and thought that you had left it like that.i come back after the crct's,and BAM!and exact same storys up!I didn't say anything,since i thought you were gone from your story,but now your back,i belive you should confront this author!Also,i added your story to my faves,so keep up the good work!
6/6/2012 c2 SandsO
Sorry for the being the barer of bad news but yes this other person literally did a cut and paste job on your first chapter with there own bits towards the end.
6/6/2012 c1 SandsO
Loving this so far and I do hope you decide to make it James and Torrun. Also sorry to have to say this but I think this guy is ripping off your story:


I mean it's pretty much the same 1st two chapters as yours.
6/2/2012 c2 6GhostHornet
dude or dudeeit this is an aswome story and i have read your others and i have to say they are the bomb keep writing this oh and i im subscribeing to this story later dude and your an insperation to my own torunn and james (im not copying promise but it would be cool if james exprese more of hes feelings to torunn. ps love how you add the caracters in the bold thing
5/29/2012 c2 Anna the Viking XD
Cool story update soon
5/16/2012 c2 Leofrost
please continue!
2/25/2012 c2 6PansexualKnight11
very good story my friend. ill still say James and Torunn as one couple and Hawkeye and Ella together. cuz james and torunn knew eachother since childhood and ella and hawkeye know eachother longer as well

i hope you update soon this is a awesome!
11/23/2011 c1 13angelariel13
PLEASE, PLEASE, follow your story, and you made me love it the first time I saw the movie I love and do not expect to do with the movie fics, I love it, please follow your story, plus I like the new character, also the jealousy of Torunn jejejej and also those of James ..
11/23/2011 c2 1Huntress for the Moon
This is a pretty good story! Please continue writing it, there are no ther great stories on this movie!
10/30/2011 c2 DianaArty89
i loved that it was hilarious
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