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for Warriors Mating Series

12/21/2017 c5 Wow
12/14/2017 c1 ralph williams
mmm, im licking my lips thinking about the barbs
thank you
12/8/2017 c5 SomeStrangeLover
Lightningdash and Novaflame x Flamespirit
Story-ish: Lightningdash and Flamespirit are rivals, at each others necks. Novaflame is both of them's best friend. Floatingrose challenges Flamespirit and Lightningdash to rape Novaflame. They both sneak up on her at the same night, trying to do the dare.
10/27/2017 c1 Guest
I love this the stories when hawk frost is a bit more gentle are really enjoyable
10/18/2017 c1 Rubina
Firepaw x Sandpaw ,Firepaw x graypaw ,Dustpaw x sandpaw , darkstripe x Tigerclaw
10/17/2017 c3 Guest
this one was a little sad but after she tricks him they mate and she gets what she wants:)
10/12/2017 c1 Ashely
Firepaw and Sandpaw I haven't read it or didn't look hard enough
I would like you to do one with heathertail and lionblaze rape and heathertail with someone she hanged out with in her clan lust. i will try to keep sending you request but it will take me a while and respect your writing , I couldn't find
anything interesting but when I read this Whoa I visit it almost 5 times a day! Your my king
8/16/2017 c5 Guest
Sexy cats XD
8/6/2017 c1 Guest
OK can we see a dovewing and bumblestripe with no talk of "juices" im only ten reading this in secret at midnight. I also really like Lizard wizrd. Can't spell it right cause of auto correct. I just wish he knew I exist. My life is sad. Lzrd wzrd he is hot. Now I am embarrassed.
7/31/2017 c1 Cloudtaildaisy83
Cat 1: Daisy/F
Cat 2: Cloudtail/M
You've read the books, right?
Make Cloudtail rape Daisy.
7/31/2017 c5 Guest
Omg please do snowfur and thistleclaw they were so cute together when he wasnt evil please by the way I love the fireheart and sliverstream combination better than gray stripe And sliverstream
7/29/2017 c4 Oakpool
7/19/2017 c1 Guest


Leafpool is looking for herbs near the ShadowClan border when Blackstar finds her.
6/26/2017 c1 Kuro
Type: Kit-love
Cat 1: Rubypaw (female OC)
Cat 2: Mosspaw (male OC)
Sexuality: M/F
Basic Plot: They are apprentices who are unknowingly in love with each other. Just a fluff that goes a little to far.
6/15/2017 c1 Guest
Crowfeather lust, Nightcloud Love
They go to a secluded area and mate i guess idk
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