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for Warriors Mating Series

4/27 c3 Flamebolt
Absolutely FANTASTIC! So far Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 have completely left the entire main series untouched! Great back stories! Though I regret to say that I like Chapter 2 the least.

Love. Flamebolt
4/27 c2 Flamebolt
I thought that Silverstream had chosen Graystipe as her mate! But is well. I suppose it could be that Silverstream had left Fireheart for Graystripe, therefor explaining why Fireheart had already seemed to know the silver she-cat before.

Good works of art! Flamebolt
4/27 c1 Guest
Not bad at all! Keep up the good work!

Im making a complete book about one of the intruders in the mountains from Power of Three book five! Should be going up completely on Deviantart soon! Stay tuned!

Cheers! Flamebolt.
4/14 c1 4Terra Wolf -Robinfang
Yay its good
3/19 c5 Guest
I'm asking you do do halwkfrost and mistypool plz made tree some
3/19 c1 Samantha
Hi I know a lot about warriors and I think that if you would do tigerclay and golderflower it would be so cool. My fav line is tigerclaw you don't ha e to back tough with me lol plz do
3/14 c1 Guest
Wow. Pretty sick!
3/13 c5 XxWinterbreezexX
Firestar x Cloudtail x Brightheart x Brambleclaw x Brackenfur x Thornclaw!

Sorry it's so much!I just wanted to read this!

Tom x Tom x She-cat x Tom x Tom x Tom!
3/4 c1 Guest
Story type: Love(I guess)

Cat 1: LionBlaze

Cat 2: CinderHeart

Sexuality: M/F

Basic Plot: Both meet up near lake(I guess?)
2/18 c2 rararasputin
le gasp! wounder what they will look lik?
2/4 c1 Hermine
Princess and longtail or greystripe
1/23 c2 Dawnstar
Just like always amazing
1/14 c1 Guest
Ragged star and yellow dang
1/13 c1 Guest
I wish because everyone would wonder who's kits they were but brambleclaw might recognize the kits
1/9 c5 Yolo
do fireheart rapes Leafpool
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