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4/24 c10 1Srta.NR
Nãoooooo! Volta, por favor!
Essa fic é tão maravilhosa. Depois de tantos anos seria incrível que esta história tivesse uma continuação e o final que merece. Quem sabe rever alguns episódios não inspira a continuar a escrever?
4/29/2005 c10 ParsifalinHeels
I guess this story has died.:( I wish you would finish it. It's such a lovely story. It's my second time reading it. :) and I have read your other lost world fanfic as well. I wish people would do more stories like "A MisMatch Made in Heaven". I wouldn't care if it all seemed the same like other stories.
6/23/2003 c10 6TheChosenOne3
Well I certainly hope that you return to this story soon. I loved it. I must admit that I enjoyed read your wacky author's notes almost as much as i have reading the story. Please find your muse soon so that we, your fans, can continue reading into your amusing mind.
5/7/2003 c10 Robin2409
Don't stop now! I NEED MORE!
2/22/2003 c10 10Zaphra Ti'Gan
Hey, the story is Great so far. I know what your going through with writers block, I'm still trying to finish an X-Men fic of my own. I really hope you get over it soon and get back to this really neat story.

And don't hessitate to ask me if you need to bounce ideas off of someone.
11/27/2002 c10 10TLWROX
veg! NO! You SO have to finish this! I am really sorry I missed the last few chapters- I wasn't online at all in May, and I totally didn't realize you wrote more when I came back. *embarrassed blush*

I hope your muse comes back to help you with this- I REALLY want to know why the alternate univerise Marguerite clubbed Roxton... And also what the situation WILL be when the OTHER Veronica, Malone and Challenger bring back OUR Marguerite to the castle... REALLY interesting. Hope you write another chapter soon. :) :) :)
10/5/2002 c9 Lostontheplateau
WOW! I can't believe it! I've read everything, even the authors notes, but I want to review the story, not the authors notes. Sry, I'm very wierd.

Anyhoo really really good chapter. This is definatly not a dying story. Please write a new chapter soon.

I read your other story, it's rewally good. WRITE MORE CHAPTERS! I am very very impatient person, as you can see.

Anyhoo, really great story. Don't stop writing it
10/5/2002 c10 robin2409
Oh my gosh, please, please continue this fic! It is soooooooooooo good! I love it! It's just as good as A mis-mtch made in heaven. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a nw chapter soon!

8/9/2002 c10 7Jenn B
I love the "slowly dying" fic and hope you continue! I'm a new fan and I always enjoy M/R fic :-D. .

Jenn B.
5/25/2002 c10 7Evil Irish Eyes
SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry chicky, I've tried a couple times to review your latest chapters and IT WOULDN"T LET ME *muffled curese words*

But yeah it finally did! I am so sorry! I was going insane, and i forgot to tell you in my a/n!

I feel so ASHAMED!

Well to sum it up this is really wonderful and don't worry about fillers, they add some realism into these fics, I like them personnally . .

Anyway it is really wonderful and I totally understand the needing to take a break, it's all right we all wish you well . . and I am so going to read your latest fic. I can't wait *screams excited!*

Then there is me finishing mind 'darn mental block ' seems to happen ever chapter there is always one detail i can't get worked out and it slows up the whole process! AH!

Alright anyway i wish you luck!

Thanks for not giving up on us!

luv ya too!

This is ME signing out
5/23/2002 c10 23CrimsonCat
Author's notes? What the heck do you mean author's notes? That was mean, making me think there was a new chapter, lol. I hope inspiration strikes quickly. Hurry back! ;)

Dai stiho

5/17/2002 c9 Veronica
Yay! A new chapter! And lots of N/V! It's going great. If filler chapters are this great, then I'd bet that the ones with more plot are going to blow me away!
5/17/2002 c9 Pam
Hi Veggie, You're right, this is mostly filler. I'm really looking forward to how this continues. Longer installments would be nice . . . But still love the characterization and the hints about what may come. Nice N/V part in this chapter. Poor Ned, on both planes of reality! And where's evil-M gotten to? Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/12/2002 c8 Roxton'sFanClub
this is great! please please please continue! I just can't wait to see where this little twist takes the storyline... :) anyways, great work, good job, keep writing. and thanks for providing a fantastic and interesting story for people like me to read.
5/10/2002 c8 7Gabbo
Sorry about not reviewing this story before. I have been reading, now I do like all the interactions, especially Veronica's take care of number one. Kruxington, I like it a lot. You gave the story a nice twist by making the other Marguerite evil. Keep up the good work.
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