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5/9/2002 c8 Veronica
How's this for a long review...

Your story is great, but why are you making the other Marguerite evil? I really like the "other-world" Veronica and Ned and how they have slightly different personalities from the real ones. Like Veronica not wanting to help Marguerite. That's so not her, and the adorable line Edward gives her(you know which one)is something Ned would be thinking but would never have the courage to say! I love it and hope you quickly get inspired.

Suggestions: more N/V interaction! You're doing a great job with that and I want more! Not that the R/M isn't good, but N/V is what catches my attention!

(by the way, Spider-Man was absolutely wonderful! I didn't even like Tobey Maguire, but now...*sigh*)
5/9/2002 c8 23CrimsonCat
Trapped! Yay! Only two more days! *Dances around her room like an idiot*

Sorry, but Eeeii! :D :D

lol, but, to the point, yay, new chapter! :)

Um.. One problem though. What the heck is that freaky other-world-Marguerite doing harming dearest Roxton? I don't think I like her very much. Maybe she needs to stumble across a raptor while alone in the jungle.. Well, maybe not.. lol

Kruxington? lol, that's cute. And don't worry! I'm still reviewing! See? This is me reviewing.. well, actually, this is me rambling.. but, same thing, no?

Dai stiho

5/9/2002 c8 2Steph1
Whoa, wasn't expecting MARGUERITE to be evil, that's quite a twist. And Prince John? Is that supposed to be Roxton's parallel father (seeing as Roxton is a little young to have a son old enough to wed)? Perhaps you just like the name John and have decided to use it liberally. I know I've recently grown rather fond of it myself. Wonder why? *g* Looking like we're in for a real fun ride, I hope that your muse cooperates and gives you a little inspiration. Hmm, I tell you what, perhaps my muse can help out. His name is Roxton, and he likes to run about without too much clothing, says it's not only restrictive, but it messes up his tanline. *shrug* He can be rather helpful though. I'm sure if you think of him hard enough, he'll appear to you just brimming with ideas. *g*
5/9/2002 c8 Maggie
Well you got me intriuged! Please post the next chapter up asap!
5/6/2002 c1 I-LOVE-ROXTON
This chapter was awesome. You're great at bringing the characters to life. I could totally imagine this being the start of an episode. Great job!


5/4/2002 c7 Kseniya
OMG, I love your ff! It's great! Plz add more soon=0) haha poor Neddy=D
5/4/2002 c7 7Evil Irish Eyes
Hey don't worry writer's block comes to us all. I call mine burn outs, when you just can't think of how to put what's happening next. You'll get over it don't worry, that episode on tape should really help.

But sigh, I am very sad for you, that really stinks that you can't see the third series.

I don't know how to put this but I am american and I see them all, perhaps I can find a way to help. Maybe, not sure though. I would just ask your friend to tape them all and then send them to you. I hope it all works out, but in the mean time don't be mad at me and great work on our story!

This chapter was really cute, Roxton knowing that she wasn't his Marguerite, so nice! I so seriously can't wait for the next chapter!

Me signing out
5/4/2002 c7 wdge
no excuses for stalling, I have yet to see any 3rd season eps. I'm Canadian also, therefore my only source for TLW is here-don't leave me stranded!
5/3/2002 c7 Veronica
Whoa! You need to explain yourself! I can't wait for the next chapter!
5/3/2002 c7 35Jaclyn
oooh cool...of course roxton would know it's not HIS marguerite...please continue soon!
5/3/2002 c7 Audrey2
Woohoo! Nice twist there! Even though short, I really like it (I can't really critisize you for a short chap, cuz all my stories are pretty short too ;-D) And of course, Roxton could tell if it was really his Marguerite...and Veronica and Ned, *sighs* poor them, something always happens. Ned is gonna haev to explain a couple of things to Veronica next chap, eh? Now I'm expecting the next chap REAL soon, k? Greeaaat...

5/3/2002 c7 23CrimsonCat
Phht. What kind of a place is that to end the chapter? lol, sorry. I liked it though, if that helps any. hehe, I found it especially funny when Veronica lunged at 'Marguerite'. Just out of curiosity.. how would the other world Marguerite know she was from another world? Hmm.. just wondering. Anywho, next chapter soon. Can't wait to see Roxton's reaction.. and where is the *real* Marguerite? Eep!

Dai stiho

4/29/2002 c6 Veronica
Excellent story! I really need to see how you fix this mess!=) It really is getting interesting! (Hey, it's been interesting all along!)
4/27/2002 c6 35Jaclyn
LOL! M and N - heehee! Poor R and V...

please continue quickly!
4/27/2002 c5 Jaclyn
LOL! The M/R fight scene...hehehe so funny!

Oh no...poor Marguerite...those nasty beasts of men! Hmph! Oh yay, Veronica...or whoever she is... :)
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