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4/27/2002 c4 35Jaclyn
"They looked at each other knowingly. “They’re baaack.” They said in perfect unison. "


4/27/2002 c1 Jaclyn
COOL! Such a sweet flashback! Off to the next chapter now...
4/24/2002 c6 Audrey2
LOL! You're sooo cute! You poor baby not being able to see TLW on tv! What are you going to do? How will you see next week's ep where Roxton's a double agent? Download it? Anyways, really cute fic you got here! I don't think I read recent chaps cuz I don't remember them. The whole "marguerite"/roxton thing was very cute, but "marguerite" was acting very much like marguerite, that I would almost think "marguerite" is really marguerite except with amnesia. If you understood that, I salute you. Even I didn't get that last sentence...Anyways, please continue! I can't wait- sooo cute!
4/24/2002 c6 16Sabrina
Us Canadian's have to ban together! Mind you it's really funny when you see people getting interviewed at HARVARD about the "Save the Polar Bear" petition in Canada. That was a laugh. Anyway, love this story so far, please keep going.
4/24/2002 c6 7Evil Irish Eyes
Canadians what? Um I haven't heard that one. hmm um ok?

Anyway I really love this chapter like seriously, I had to look away from the computer when Marguerite 'accidentally' tripped, I had the biggest smile, it was so funny.

I really love the way you ended it there even if you don't know why.

Darn! I feel really bad about your weather, mine actually got sunny, maybe that's because I beat on the weather-man and he told (promised) me there would be sun.

You want me to go after yours? or do you?

Lol either way get a space heater and get the circulation back into those hands! I need to know what is going to happen next!

and yes yes yes I know, I am working on the next chapter. Thanks for reviewing my newest chapter! I so loved it! and thanks for updating your story!

This is Me signing out
4/24/2002 c6 brainfear
Yeah, all of us live in igloos and we spear seals to eat, and our mode of transportation are sled dogs. Haha. Gotta love it. Good story tho. That was supposed to be the real reason why I'm reviewing. Canadians rock
4/24/2002 c6 Maggie
Okay these chapters get more and more interseting! PLEASE give us MORE
4/24/2002 c6 23CrimsonCat
Snow? Which part of Canada are you living in? It's cold where I am, but no snow yet. Thank gods, lol. But anyways, the fic..

What the heck was up with that? Malone? lol, I almost died laughing when Veronica walked in. Although it might have been lucky, because it looks like Roxton was about to murder Ned for kissing his beloved. Come on though, I'd like to think that Roxton would have noticed something was up by now.. Oh, and what happend to our real Marguerite? Update soon!

Dai stiho

4/23/2002 c6 2Steph1
LOL! That was hilarious. I can just imagine Roxton spitting out the brandy then getting ready to stalk over and kill Malone! Poor Ned, doesn't know what hit him with MARGUERITE coming on to him like that. Something tells me he's going to have to deal with a very angry Roxton *and* Veronica. Hope he wears a helmet.
4/20/2002 c5 10TLWROX
HOW could I miss the 2 chapters you posted? You need to TELL me these things- I didn't want to miss it! OMG- I SO thought you were going to have something horrible happen to Marguerite just now- I'm glad "Veronica" helped. And "Veronica"? What's going on? By the way- what did I guess? You really aren't transparent with this 2 of M&V thing- I have NO clue what they are- and I'm glad. I can't wait for the next chapter. Don't keep us waiting too long! :) :) :)
4/18/2002 c5 23CrimsonCat
Phew, close call for M. And where the heck is she anyway? Eep, she'd better get back soon, for I imagine Roxton might get very worried when he realizes he's got the wrong M. And I'm glad you're leaving the triple rhyme thing. I found it very funny. Next chapter soon?

Dai stiho

4/18/2002 c5 7Evil Irish Eyes
You are so funny chicky, don't worry I call everyone that,I love this, I loved Ned being so amused by Marguerite and Roxton's spats. I so serously can't wait to see what is going to happen next! Seriously so please write back soon.

LOL, and THANKS so much for reading and FINALLY reviewing my story! I am so very pleased! I love hearing your thoughts on my little ol' fic!

SO please keep them coming and most definatly keep your chapters coming, just think 'the more chapters I write the colder it will get!' lol

And I don't think your writing has gone down hill at all ,your just working up to the climax!


And tell me about the heat! Omg that's why this review is so short and sorry about that! But god I need some air! So while I go stick my head in the freezer you write the next chapter ok, deal.

This is Me signing out

Oh now! look who's mind is in the gutter!
4/18/2002 c5 Maggie
You just keep throwing us these little suprises! Can't wait for C6.
4/18/2002 c5 brainfear
Good plot. Loving the 2 marguerites/veronicas thing. Cool. post more please!
4/15/2002 c4 23CrimsonCat
ooh, I think I get what's happening here! I bet our real Marguerite is a queen or something.. and Roxton really *is* the king of England. Oh, that would be funny. Very cute little V/N moment there. I think it deserves an 'Awww'.

Dai stiho

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