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4/15/2002 c2 23CrimsonCat
Sorry, I just noticed this. You have a triple rhyme in here, and I thought it was funny. (I'm amused easily..) Third cluster down...

'..sweltering heat.. Marguerite.. aching feet..' lol, sorry. But, lovable & infuriating, good discription of Marguerite. But if she's hearing voices, I'm worried. Ooh, you use flames to toast marshmellows too? yay! Sorry, no flames here, just goofy review.

Dai stiho

4/14/2002 c2 Audrey2
Ack! I know! I always have these long plots in my head, and when I type it, it's like- nothing! And, I guess you won't be having any roasted marshmellows with my review cuz' I loved it! Very cute...please continue!

Btw, thanks for the kind review of my fic! :-)
4/13/2002 c4 3Julianna Taylor-Mulder
Okay, okay... I'll be nice any review! Lol... I have a really good idea of what happened, but I wanna keep it to myself just incase I'm wrong! *g* But really, this is good so far. You're doing a great job of capturing the characters! Keep up the good work, and get chapter 5 out fast! *g*

4/13/2002 c4 Guest
4/13/2002 c4 7Evil Irish Eyes
A great writer am I? hmmmm... I could get used to that .. lol . . . and I thank you for your kind quoting. I have to start counting how many people like that phrase. LOL.

I loved this, the whole "they're baaaack" thing was really cute. I can't wait for the next chapter! Seriously I CAN'T WAIT!

So get to it! and write write write!


This is me signing out,
4/13/2002 c4 brainfear
haha. very good. Please update soon!
4/13/2002 c4 Deleted170705
Great so far! Hurry and cont.! I can't wait to see if this is the real Marguerite w/ a little amnesia type thing, or a totally dif. woman from another reality! PLEEEASE go into the next ch. quickly! Your doing great!

4/12/2002 c3 10TLWROX
No! Wait! It wasn't Marguerite? Was it? WAS IT HER? Did someone come out in her place? These are questions I desperately need answers to! Just do what I do- don't study! Ah... Maybe that's not the best advice- try to write more soon! This is great so far. :) :) :)
4/11/2002 c3 Anonymous guy
Wow, your writing skills are quite good, but as you said, STILL no plot Ai yah! Man all these people who like your writing, i don't know how they survive in between chapters. Seriously, give the readers a break and write something adventurous heh heh. I see you took my advice on the something weird idea, just rip off the whole round table thingy! Haha, i must say you can go anywhere from here so pick cafefully cuz the next chapter should be the one that governs the rest of the story.

Buh Bye
4/11/2002 c3 Nicole
Well I certainly can't wait for the next chapter, you really have me hooked!
4/10/2002 c3 ananymous
Loved it. I enjoy reading mystery and cliff hanger endings are one thing I hate. So please write soon.
4/9/2002 c3 2Steph1
Hey, you said all I had to do was click the button. There was nothing in there about typing! *g* Good story so far. Yeah, the plot would be nice, but I could read about Roxton walking about the jungle in an overprotective huff all day, so feel free to take your time. Hope the exams go well.
4/9/2002 c3 7Evil Irish Eyes
Shameless begging? hmmmm . .. NOw there's an IDEA! (epiphany) . . .A- naaa- LOL

I won't beg but I do want you to continue. Seriously I really like your story, so please keep going, as fast as your fingers and mind will carry you, um yeah but that exam thing could be a problem . . hmm...*sigh* . . .study "grumbled almost silently" . . but come back to us quickly!

This is Me signing out
4/8/2002 c1 Anonymous guy
Anyways, i managed to read thru the whole thing. Good start, but not much to it. Keep writing and we'll see what turns up. Not much to review because the plot is not set yet. Good establishing of characters and mood. A good thing to add in the future might be some action, for we all know something stupid, or um should i say, um... Exciting yeah thats it happens! If you find yourself strapped for ideas, just think like the show writers. How is that you say? Rip something off! Roxton finds Treasure Island! Or Veronica meets Quazimoto, or Tom Hanks from cast away washes up on shore or something stupid! Heh i should be a staff writer! Anyways keep writing.


Guy who reviewed your work
4/8/2002 c2 anonymous
great story! keep it up! : )
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