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for Finn's Friend X

5/16/2015 c9 Guest
Best fanfiction EVER! OMG it was amazing!Well done
7/18/2013 c9 Guest
I absolutely loved this plz put more chapters on!
4/14/2013 c9 4bettybox
so cute :) 3
2/9/2013 c9 Blainemuilove
:( u r the funnist writer ever And the most teasing but I and sad that u r ending it I hope u do a sequel or something I can't wait to read the story that Blaine a librarian, u see what u do to ur readers u make them want to read more and want u to write more
Thnxs for the story:)
9/15/2012 c7 Guest
Rachel at the end would Totally be me. Btw, StarKid quotes 3
7/15/2012 c9 Guest
u should rite another so i can read it
7/15/2012 c6 Guest
finn is tooooo clueless!
6/20/2012 c9 2Rainbowed-Sunned-Spirit
Very sexy story :) Poor Finn, he feels left out. LOL. Good job!
3/8/2012 c9 SK1998
Oh man I love this story! Poor oblivious Finn! I will now read this story when I'm not feeling the best! :) and I would've done what Rachel did. Watch. ;)
1/29/2012 c7 Klainefame
haha this s great! and i totally agree with Rachel. It would be hot.
1/4/2012 c9 amers52
A very fun story. Thank you!
12/24/2011 c9 14elizainlove
amazing. perfect. love. love. love. love. love.
12/24/2011 c9 leahmo34
this was great story,wasn't called something else though.
12/23/2011 c9 8MusicalEscape
Awesome ending :'D

Watching guys making out is hot... especially Kurt and Blaine *heart*
12/23/2011 c9 mina beana
ok just awsome i love your writing this story is so nice and sweet also funny do not i repeat do not wait for the next hand full of chapters and i know i said hand full it so awsome i just dont want to wait
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