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8/1 c2 Guest
Sarutobi knows how to blame Naruto. Hope his wife got raped and killed, and he can suck dick like his whore wife
11/15/2021 c14 carneyjarred
You're gonna get a lot of hate for this chapter especially with making haku a hypocrite.
7/22/2021 c7 Dracoessa Draga
bull crap you crippled donkey.
4/15/2021 c1 ArashiNokitsune
forgot to mention demonizing a child even after so many years that is low so yeah still hope this story gets updated
4/15/2021 c1 ArashiNokitsune
the story is really good I hope it gets a continue and I hope those Prejudice characters get the hard short end of a whip honestly judging a person by what they are and not who they are as a person are less than human less than a demon they are trash and May Justice show no mercy
11/11/2020 c14 LordHatredX
interesting story

! !
10/7/2020 c14 Borello
the story is really good.
3/17/2020 c2 Guest
This is a interesting idea and I can't wait to see what happens next.
5/12/2019 c14 79YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting I must say though Mito is a strange women is she thinking for herself or was she just placating that skank Haruno, I must say she seemed like a hell of a Kunoichi before she retired now she uses her skank wiles to became even more of a bitch, I hope she dies personally I hope Sakura's the one to kill her.

As for Haku well he'll still be a nobody late on can't wait for more though great story.
5/11/2019 c13 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting now I don't Sasuke but I have to admit what he and Kaeda did was awesome now it seems Pedomaru has got his hands on him somehow. Things are getting interesting.
5/10/2019 c12 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was interesting and damn Zabuza became a pussy way to go Sakura.
5/9/2019 c11 YeagerMeister31
Well that was nice and to be perfectly honest Ino would look best in a Bikini, Hinata freezing them is just getting annoying and she just keeps getting creepier in my eyes, still wonder how the next chapter will go and how different it is then canon.
5/9/2019 c14 2willam and jack and jake
well done
5/8/2019 c10 79YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting and damn that jutsu in his privates lucky it was a clone, now I think about it focing them not to eat makes them work harder but still it's a joke but it's a challenge also so there is plus's and negatives to both sides of the argument, Sakura waking up a coma patient wow that's new, And as for Danzo I don't know why Mito is even considering anything coming out of that sack of excrements mouth
5/7/2019 c9 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting kind of not surprised that the teams are the same I am curious is Kushina just being a dumb idiot or what, I know in canon they all followed the rules and only passed because they shared there food with Naruto, but how the hell can do one of the most important missions of your career (The Start) on an empty stomach it's complete bs if u ask me.

Now is Kushina really going to do that or is she just saying she sealed the kitchen from NaruSaku and Hinata, Plus Kakashi always says look underneath the underneath so they should realise then need to eat to fight there most important battle (Becoming a full fledged Genin) Kushina should know this also I mean anyone with half a brain should know that.
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