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for My Random Questionnaire!

11/25/2016 c18 Guest
Zim- I give you a machine gun. Now you must kill dib.
Gir- you get a cupeake and a bag of chips
Dib- fight sans from him up if you don't know who he is.
Gaz- you must stay in a coffin for the rest of the chapter
Nikki- kill dib with a ray gun.
Nye- do anything you want with any weapon you choose for a hour.
PURPLE- same as reds dare except he will suffer before he dies )
Squee- gives cookie bag with unlimited cookies
That all, see you guys later
6/3/2013 c18 8Random Irken Derp
I want to give you guys something because of the short chaps. they make me so sad
Zim:your choice kiss me or Gaz
Dib:go jump in a random hole idk :p
Tak:baby sit Gir for three hours
Tallests:epic tallets battle TO THE DEATH
Everyone:gets a cookie or muffins or something
now i need to go to the magical place called the internet*jumps into portal filled with memes and ponies*Dashie! :D
11/23/2012 c18 Barry
Dare:Make Dib fight the player character from your Grand Theft Auto game,The player guy gets a Molotov Cocktail,Dib gets nothing!
9/23/2012 c18 REPORTED
9/3/2012 c18 3100TechnoEcho0013
...Squee! *goes and grabs Squee and hugs him... looks at the bear* I AM NOT GOING TO KILL SQUEE! YOU TELL LIES! LLLIIIEEESS! *sticks tounge out* I dares Nny to sing a song that he thinks fits him well. And I am 16...so I want to see Nny try to beat a ninja...I am a fake ninja...but a A-class Assassin of an Elite group...and I'm stealing Squee- wait a sec *sees a long scar on Squee's back* WHO DID THIS TO YOU!? THEY SHALL PAY FOR DOING THIS TO YOU! *I somwhat act like Nny sometimes* *growls like the demon I am* If I find out one of you did this...no snacks for a month do you here me!
9/1/2012 c18 hailzone
Ladies and gentlemen, I will tell you zim's darkest secret, so dark you'll tremble in shock.
But first, dares!
Tell us the story how you f #%$ tenn AND zee
Now the secret
Zim is really an irken god (or haden[hay-DEN]). He is the haden of void (all that is dark and negative). He is half irken, half human. Every sixth full moon, he becomes human, bit every sixth new moon he becomes a monster of complete darkness. His real name is zaelix[zay-LIX] andis the bride of gaz (shocker). zim's father is the haden of death himself, while his mother is rozeilon [roz-ZAY-laun] is the goddess (siren) of heart (life). Zim hides this because he is afraid of killing everything he loves in the mortal realm.
Weeeeelllll, I ruined zim's secret, so red…TELL US DAMMIT! Plus, you'll combust in flames, to only to die by zim's true destruction.
9/1/2012 c18 REPORTED
This story has been reported for breaking the rules of . Let's hope your account doesn't get suspended for this! :p
7/6/2012 c18 8Hawkbelly
Whew! Thanks for saving me from Johnny that last time. Sorry about that Johnny! It just kind of... happened. Anyways!

1. A one-of-a-kind weapon of explosive terror has appeared on the market! But,as was suggested, THERE'S ONLY ONE... (dun dun duuuh!) So who's going after it and why? And let's say it's snowing! that'll make it harder! YAY!

2. Once upon a time a little cute bunnyrabbitthing was hopping about the city! (people: "aw it's so cute I JUST WANT TO EAT IT UP!")

Then the rabbitthing turned into bunnyrabbitmonster! Gasp!
The end!

3. OH MEH GASH ALIENS ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE PLANET! ...Oh wait, that's already been happening... Hm, carry on.

4. It's raining cake and icing!

That's all I'm doing for now. Toodles.
7/5/2012 c18 1xXHungerGamesLuvXx
*looks at latest chapter* ...Wait...Annabeth's that old? Well, I have only read the first two books, so... yeah.

Max: When Squee isn't looking, you must take Shmee, fly him to the nearest volcano, and drop him in there! But DO NOT tell Squee about it!

Zim: Play Just Dance 3 for one hour straight!

Annabeth: Dye your hair green! LET'S SEE WHO'S THE SEAWEED HEAD NOW!

Mya(used to be Heaven): Correction, seaweed BRAIN!


Nny: You get to be a mutant from Maximum Ride for the rest of the chapter! (Wings, bigger strength, fast healing, etc)

Dib&Nikki: You must go into the Portal universe and do all the tests GLaDOS gives you!

Squee: Say, where's Shmee? *devilish smile at Max*

Okay, the next pairing is something I made up, and it's very cracky! But, since it's one I made up, I will have to tell you the pairing once everyone guesses. It's DADR! Everyone give up? It's Dwicky and Devi! TOLD YA IT WAS CRACKY!
6/30/2012 c15 8Hawkbelly

1. Johnny! You just found that your entire knife collection has "mysteriously" disappeared! (meaning I stole them for kicks)
2. Dib! Your house just got sucked into a black hole! (THE HORROR...)
3. Zim! The Tallest have been kidnapped! Er, uh, whatever-napped!
4. Squee! Shmee has disappeared! (NOES!)
5. A guy walks into a bar... What now?
6. The world seems to be spawning the undead! What NOW?
7. Pigs can fly.
8. Uh...
9. Zim! Some crainess has just swooped into your base and is creating a ruckus! Oh and a large-and-growing crowd of fangirls are outside your door. Your reaction?
10. Someone's house just exploded.

...I'm gonna stop now...
6/29/2012 c17 1xXHungerGamesLuvXx
I think I'm the only person reviewing the story is because I'm REALLY patient when it comes to these stories! XD Oh, and I think I might do those little pairing guessy things every chapter know so... yeah, they might be pairings I make up, or already made crack-pairings. Okay, enough with my rambling.

Anyone: Who stole my cereal?

Anyone again: DOUBLE DATE TIME! *does the chicken dance* Um... okay, so, this is what happens, I have this spinner that has all the people on this show on here, and I'm gonna spin once, and spin again, then, I will those two people will be the couple on the date, and then I repeat it once, and that's it! Let's begin! *spins spinner once and it lands on Squee* Okay, let's see what lucky lady will get little Squeegee! *spins spinner again, it lands on Dib* Uh... *spins spinner again, it lands on Devi* NO PEDOPHILA! *spins spinner again, lands on Nny* FUUUU- *spins spinner again, lands on Annabeth* CLOSE ENOUGH! Okay, the next couple! *spins spinner once, lands on Dib* Okay. *spins again, lands on Pikachu* WHO THE HELL PUT THAT THERE? *spins spinner again, lands on Gaz* OMFG! *spins spinner again, lands on Zim* ...not even gonna comment...*spins spinner one last time, lands on Nudge (Max. Ride) Okay! JUST YOU FOUR GO NOW AND... MAKE OUT OR WHAT EVER YOU DO ON DATES!


Now, for this chapter's pairing, this one makes a little more sense than GASR, GAPR! But, this doesn't have as much fanart, though. But, oh, well! Bye! *poofs out of thin air*
5/21/2012 c16 xXHungerGamesLuvXx
Weird, I was the only reviewer... Oh, well, here are my insane questions!... or dares!

Zim: Uh... sing Earth Invasion by Skillet

Heaven- You just love Skillet, don't you?

Me- Don't forget Paramore and MSI!


Heaven- Now I know how it's possible that I'm a character that belongs to you...

Tallest Purple I like you! Your funny, here are a bunch of donuts! *gives him the donuts*

Everyone: Try your best to guess what GASR is, and if everyone gives up, Nikki must look it up on DeviantArt or something and then say out loud, loud enough for both people in the pairing to hear, what the pairing means!

Wow, this took a long time to write! Oh, and can you bring in the Maximum Ride characters in this? Okay, that's it, and if you sneeze may this review bless you! (You might be able to get this if you watch Tobuscus) Now, I must hide from Heaven before she realizes that I stole her scythe! *Heaven's voice yelling "CAITLIN!" Is heard* Meep! Gotta go! *runs away*
4/9/2012 c15 xXHungerGamesLuvXx
WOO-HOO! Dat was awsome! Now... here are the ridiculous things I will say!

Alicia&Dib: HERE! *shoves two 10-year-olds, a boy with medium brown hair and amber eyes and a girl with black hair and dark chocolate eyes wearing glasses into their direction* These are the children I have made for you! Name 'em whatever you want!

Kellie- Why are there two of them?

Me- Well, I had some left over DNA from them and didn't wanna waste it, so I decided to make twins!

Zim: Hello! *kicks in squeedlyspooch and runs*

Gaz: You must be locked into a room without anything that you like for one hour!


That's it! Tah-tah! *rides a talking purple llama named Aurora into the sunset*
3/29/2012 c1 8Hawkbelly
Ooh, saw this and thought, 'why not?'

1. GIR! It's raining piggies outside! What will you do?

2. ZIM! Your base has just imploded! WHAT ARE YOU TO DO?

3. DIB! You just walked into your kitchen and found Bigfoot getting into your fridge! Your reaction?

4. JOHNNY! (JtHM) Someone cut you off while you were driving, causing you to spill your brainfreezy, and then they flipped you off. WHAT SHALL YOU DO?

5. Gaz! What would you do if all video games in the world were destroyed?

6. ... Ice cream! Now what?

Are you willing to make a short story upon request? If so, can you make one about an OC of mine and Dib exploring a haunted house? I'm into all that ghost stuff, and thought it'd be cool to see a story written like this.
3/29/2012 c14 1xXHungerGamesLuvXx
Very enjoyable! Now, ON WIT DA QUESTIONS!


Heaven(My OC)- What for?

Me- I'm gonna makes a child for them! :3

Nny: Sing "A Gorey Demise" By Creature Feature! OBEY DA FEEST!

Devi: You LOVES Nny! I KNOW YOU DO! I CAN SEEZ IT IN YOUR EYEZ! *gets a creepy look on her face, kind of like an insane expression Nny would make*

Kellie(another OC)- You're scaring me!

Me- :D

Squee: Squee! *glomps* I love you so much, here's a muffin! *gives Squee da muffin*

BYE! *jumps out of a window of a 10 story building* OW! WHO MOVED MY BEDROOM!
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