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2/12/2020 c12 7twlightbella
Happy ending
2/12/2020 c9 twlightbella
So sad
2/12/2020 c3 twlightbella
6/13/2016 c12 ILOVEYOUCLACE
OMG! I cried all the way from when they found out it was cancer to the very end. I was wondering if you've had to ever experience this or something like this? I can totally feel your pain as I lost my dad when I was 4 to cancer but my mum doesn't really talk about him so I only remember a very few amounts of him.

But again, this was an amazing story.
3/20/2015 c12 carrieann.dodd
I have just found this story and from the beginning it had me in tears most of the time, Im just glad they got a good ending and that jack would be watching them from heaven
9/29/2014 c12 14khazrn43
Crying. Sobbing, full of snot. Beautiful eulogy
8/24/2014 c12 1Alex B. Goode
Who was Lauren married to in this? And great end!
7/19/2014 c10 Guest
I know its linke 3 years after you wrote this story but i just have to tell you how much i love your work.
By the time i read chapter 9 i was crying so hard i couldnt even continue...
But then i started again and nearly broke down in tears when i saw when he died. it is just like 1 hour before i was born (just 16 years ago)

Thank you for this masterpiece:) i can really say so because i never really cried before.
3/3/2014 c12 Guest
Death in a family is so sad especially when it's a child, so happy for the new baby love your stories.
2/17/2014 c12 Pam
So heartbreaking but I loved the happy ending, it's so beautiful! Thanks for this story
7/26/2013 c12 2FinchelFeelings
so emotional and amazing! just amazing
7/7/2013 c12 8Little Miss Lovable
I know this story was posted forever ago, but I just wanted to say that it was beautiful. There was a lot of emotion. So much that it made me cry. That doesn't normally happen when I read fanfiction, so that's a huge compliment from me. Well done, I can't wait to read your other stories!
3/27/2013 c1 1JustAmyRobHere
Love this chapter
3/19/2013 c12 pesca13891
I cried so much reading this story..it was SOOO sad, but so happy in the end! Jack's death made me really teary, but I understand why you did this, I think you told the story very well!
12/16/2012 c12 Frabialoveseverything
Why am I crying so much ?
Beautiful and sad, I loved it (:
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