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for The Legend of Eevee: Majerkass's Mask

4/21/2022 c23 3PlayerContinue
Monkey Island.
8/28/2021 c40 Night King
Nice to see Pichu and Togetic back together.
4/3/2020 c40 metalscizor
another hiliariously great story done, and the idiot and togetic are together. maybe next is a wind waker with pichu, or skyword swoord. who knows. But if theres one thing that I do know, then it is that pichu's idiodic antics will spread to his counterparts, and hyrule will be in the nimmwits mental spell. I hope you ThatOneLittleGuy continues to destroy everyones braincells with the numskull pichu and his murderus, yet badass fairy partner.
3/26/2019 c40 Guest
I don't know if you possibly would see this, but I liked the story and hoping there would be more. This makes me very entertained.
2/22/2019 c1 gameboy93223
hello um I have something to say
minish cap4 pichu's
"oh god there's more than one of him, Kill it! kill it with fire"
8/23/2018 c40 6Spideyfangirl123
4/25/2018 c40 Pikachuattack
Yay, TogeChu ships! Also, which one are you doing next? SS or WW?
4/25/2018 c37 Pikachuattack
Pichu IS irresistibly fluffy, and would likely distract most.
3/11/2018 c26 Pikachuattack
It should occur to you that in almost EVERY Zelda game, the Boss's weak spot was its eye. Also, I laughed happily when Pichu bashed Clefairy on the head, and I silently cheered him on for his quest to sing horribly and get laid by his fiancee look-alike. One last thing, I loved the anime cliche reference you made, "I get stronger the louder I scream!"
3/11/2018 c19 Pikachuattack
I loved the TF2 reference! Also, when will Pichu man, er I mean, 'mon up and be a competent hero? Maybe in Twilight Princess, though only slightly! TP or SS are the only good titles aside from WW that you can do as sequels, in my opinion. Mostly because Link has companions in those games who are constantly with him, unlike WW.
3/5/2018 c17 Pikachuattack
Dude, I loved the YEEEEEAAAAAH! thing you did, as I know the meme, but I forgot the source! Please tell me! Also, I liked the little Doctor Who reference there! I wondor how The Doctor would react upon meeting Pichu? You should try it as a test idea! The Doctor would likely be kinder to him than anyone else in existence has ever been to Pichu.
3/4/2018 c15 Pikachuattack
Oh my god! X3
"Why do I keep accidentally killing people?"

"What does it matter, you kill people all the time.?

"Yeah, but killing them on purpose is more fun."

I died when I read that! That One Little Guy, bravo!
11/29/2017 c40 Axcel
Wow, Pichu and T-Money had a happy ending together... and the world has not turned into a grapefruit!
10/28/2017 c40 3TheEverChaoticNocturnos
I'd say you can close this...

But, well, I'd like you to pay attention to a few words Princess Eevee said way back...

"The chances of you surviving another adventure like this are literally less than the chances of the earth spontaneously turning into a grapefruit"

Princess Eevee! It's time to eat your words!
10/26/2017 c40 2FireStar Granivolus
Great Finale! I actually am interested to see how exactly a Skyward Sword story would happen. but all in all, You do a amazing job on this series, and I would love it if you could do more!
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