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for Third Time's The Charm

5/16/2014 c1 Guest
Thank you for a good story, a good moral, and also the site and phone number. People need to know that domestic violence should not be tolerated. And will never be accepted.
5/13/2012 c1 Aphroditessister
That was a good story. I loved eames and Arthur but I don't think Cobb woudn't notice it! But other wise everything was good
2/14/2012 c1 17sweetstrawberrysmiles
YEAH, EAMES! You GIVE IT TO HIM (in a non-sexual way) ;D

Absolutely loved it, well written, end tied well :)

Good job :)
11/28/2011 c1 the mental samurai
your story had a very good message, no one should live in fear and no one should be hurt by the ones they love. I have to say i would not want to piss of Eames and Arthur when it comes to Ariadne they would kick there ass.
7/25/2011 c1 magdailovecastiel

I like your story a lot, it began really good. Are you planning to write more? I surely do hope so... I love it that Eames and Arthur are so protective of Ariadne
7/3/2011 c1 Alicia
Arthur's so sweet. He did a really good job keeping Ariadne safe and comforting her. And EAMES! He was friggin' AWESOME. I loved how Arthur was the protective boyfriend type and Eames was the protective older brother. I'm happy Ariadne had friends there for her.
6/19/2011 c1 13xxWARxx
This was really good; i enjoyed this story a lot! :D

6/16/2011 c1 Hazelmist
I'm glad Ariadne was smart enough to get out and had Arthur and Eames to take care of everything. It's so sad that this really does happen :(.
6/14/2011 c1 echotheinferno
sad but good=). and the info at the bottom is a really good idea.
6/9/2011 c1 29Lollipopdiego
That was so beautiful. I almost started crying!
6/7/2011 c1 5Alya Kihaku
This was brilliat. I usually don't like AxA but this was a good one.
6/7/2011 c1 DemiTeazer
I loved this! Please write more of it?
6/7/2011 c1 inceptionluver4ever
this is a very wellwritten story and i love the ending... bravo my friend:)
6/7/2011 c1 9h2ofan
Im glad that in this story Eames and Arthur were there for her. That doesnt happen in a lot of cases and its sad :(
6/7/2011 c1 7Le26199
You are really gifted at writing inception fiction. You truly give so much depth to the characters but they remain believable + true to the movie. This one was so sweet and had such an important message underlying it. Thanks for sharing it!
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