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for When the Wallflower Bloomed

2/3/2013 c19 nallhir
yesh!. an update!

i feel bad for fuyumi getting sick but that's just understandable considering her act at the previous night. But what can I say, Shimizu-kun is there to take care of her. :))))


i just hope sui is present, i miss him so much,,


i am completely at awe at how your writing style had improved.

more power and update soon, i'll be waiting...

no matter how long that may take,
1/21/2013 c17 Guest
update soon pppppllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasss ssseeeee!
1/8/2013 c17 Guest
please tell me your coming with more chapters
1/4/2013 c18 3misslaly19
Thanks so much for the update
12/20/2012 c18 Guest
cant wait tell next update so excited please tell me it is soon and there going to be alot of chapter S/V
12/20/2012 c18 blackrabbit99
yay! an update!

(let's pretend nothing really happened on the previous update coz it's happier this way. xD... and you fixed it anyway.. :3 ..)

aww,, how cute and adorable. i really like the way fuyumi treasures her nephews(?) and the way shimizu cares about her is really something.

and for a kid, reiko really do know how to walk in the middle of a snowy night unharmed.

oh well, more power and update soon

ill be waitin'

(by the way, i'm posting as an anon since ff wont allow me to review in the same chapter twice soooo.. . yea)


12/19/2012 c18 Guest
this is so AWSOME the story is amazing im so GLAD you updated the story so soon because it is FANTASTIC cant wait for more chapters !
12/18/2012 c18 5SunnyNessie
You submitted chapter 17 again D: I was so excited for the update xD
I hope you submit chapter 18 soon :D
Take care
12/18/2012 c18 2Amelia Tiffany
Hello dear! I think you accidentally posted chapter 17 again instead of chapter 18! ;
12/18/2012 c18 nallhir
wahh,, you updated but it was the previous chapter itself,,, TT.. i was so excited when i saw it updated but when i opened to read it, it was so familiar and when i checked the previous chapter, it was the same,, xD

please update soon for real,, xD

i'm still rooting for shimizu but my heart goes for sui,, TT,, too bad sui cant watch the concert,,
12/16/2012 c1 Guest
please write more its killing me to see what happends
12/11/2012 c17 Guest
please go on with the story it is amazing its totally cool it rocks please continue!
10/16/2012 c17 estrellabrillante
Can't wait for chapter 18! I love this series! (If it is one, because considering the amount of chapters it's long but I love it that way! as long as there is love!) I really like the relationship between keiichi and shoko san! I also like step, but I love keiichi more! Although , ur stories have made me start to question my opinion on which couple would be better for one another... don't make it soo complicated for me to decide! jk. I love this chapter ! AND PLEASE DON'T QUIT ! NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING or else u'll just leave me behind with this! Don't do that gurl! anyways, I loved it so much, please continue!
10/9/2012 c17 Unknown
I am just wondering if what will be the reaction of your fan-fiction readers if I tell you to stop writing.. It's not that you're not a good writer, of course you're so good in writing but, how long will you continue this thing?. till when?. Writer is always a writer.. I am not a General to command you to stop this or who am I to tell you this thing, if you love writing, just go on.. but think..
10/5/2012 c17 nallhir
cute,, I missed Steph,, XD,,

too bad he'll miss the christmas concert, but oh well, that's life for him,, XD.

just wait a minute,, is that Clarisse got some feelings for Steph?, my god, that will totally make a mess,,

hoping for Fuuyumi and Steph's time to shine,, XD,,


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