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for When the Wallflower Bloomed

10/1/2012 c17 2Amelia Tiffany
I'm so glad you updated! :D

Hmm lemme anticipate the next chappie :P
Fuuyumi will go to the train station. She'll tell him that she will wait for his mother and send him home instead. When she never return, the others got worried and Keiichi went to the train station to find her... And uhh... The pipe dream ending will be both of them fell asleep together still at the station? :P
Or Keiichi saw Fuuyumi asleep there and carried her back? :B

ara ara I shall look forward to the next chappie! Heheh, will reply your pm when i reach home lololololol

Amelia :3
9/29/2012 c16 Amelia Tiffany
Please don't stop writing! This is really good! :D
I think Keiichi and Fuuyumi will do good in the cutest couple contest! :3
Hmmm maybe somebody will "innocently comment" that they match well together? :P

Hmm maybe Fuuyumi's cousins will comment on how they find Keiichi and her taking care of them just like how mother and father would... :3 Then Fuuyumi will blush kekekeke : -Evil me on the loose hohoho-

Ehhhhh i think that when they are on the plane, Keiichi should end up sitting next to Fuuyumi And then when he sleeps his head will end up on her lap :3

Do continue updating! :D
Gambette for the next chappie ne?

Byeeeeee Sorry for this longlong review
Amelia-chan 3
9/20/2012 c1 1EidorienRin
Hi I've been reading this fan-fic for quite a while, It was only then that I felt the urge to step out of the shadows and give you a review. I must say you did a job well done in making this fic! We have almost the same style of writing, I write in 3rd person perspective too, but my vocabulary is not that wide compared to yours. I find myself repeating words that I've already used, that's why. XD Actually I don't dwell much here in , I publish stories in wattpad, but you really really deserve a review so I won't mind logging in for you. I like the way you choose the best adverbs in expressing emotions. I encourage you to keep on writing because you have what it takes to be a writer, you just have to improve it. :)
9/8/2012 c16 nallhir
yey! you should have seen the smirk on my face while reading your story... XD

I'm really happy for both shimizu and fuyumi.. BUT i'm kinda excited for the next chapter...if you know what i mean, i really love suichiro..XD...

hope you'll update soon!.. :))
9/7/2012 c16 butterfly
nice to know that you came back, and still continuing your story here.. don't quit, 'coz many fanfict readers that admiring your cute story about this.. :) just keep it up and balance your work.. I'll support you always.. :P
9/6/2012 c16 3misslaly19
Yes thanks for updating I KNOW SCHOOL IS A PAIN Cant wait to see Stephen again
8/23/2012 c15 Butterfly
nice! keep it up.. Godbless
8/7/2012 c15 4pandasxoxo
Very nice! Read it in one go and enjoyed it a lot. Can't wait for the romance :) UPDATE.
7/21/2012 c15 3misslaly19
Thanks for updating, I guess the romance starts now!
7/20/2012 c15 nallhir
weee... Stephen will enter the scene...(once again)... i really like the part wherein shouko was laughing freely... that really showed her inner self... oh well.. just wanna say i miss stephen...

UPDATE SOOOOON... and make the lovely steph appear..XD
7/4/2012 c13 misslaly19
YAYYYY Im so glad you updated to made my day!Cant wait to see whats gonna happen next
7/2/2012 c13 nallhir
ohhwow,,, was it just me or you updated two chapters simultaneously?, er.. nice,... i've been waiting for your update! .,, all hail!,,

now that shimizu's taking the stag,e i'm kinda missing stephen now,, TT,, oh well,, this story is originally labeled as a Keiichi S. & Shouko F.,too much for being an OC lover.. meh,

there's no bothersome grammatical errors anyway,, i'm not that good with english so, heheh,,

7/2/2012 c13 arunimons
Does it mean that she prefers Stephen to Keiichi ?
4/13/2012 c11 misslaly19
Love it update soon
4/11/2012 c11 5SunnyNessie
I like your writing style, your way to describe characters, the story itself!... So now, I can't wait! :D

Thanks for writing this! Now the only thing I can do is to wait for the update!

Take care!

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