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for When the Wallflower Bloomed

4/10/2012 c11 nallhir
aarrggh,... i'm not sure who's to root for anymore,, shimizu or sui..?.. oh well..,, great chapter by the way.^^,, update soon~~

can't wipe off the smirk outta my face..,^^,,
3/27/2012 c10 3misslaly19
Im so glad you updated I missed your story UPDATE SOON
3/27/2012 c10 arunimons
aww, is that jealousy from Stephen ? .
3/26/2012 c10 nallhir
wow, things are getting more interesting. I mean like… It’s getting AWESOME! Shimizu got something behind his sleeves. AND I really appreciate how small lovey-dovey scenes Fuyumi and Sui got (and Shimizu’s scene with Fuyumi too). I really love how the way things are turning out.

I’ll really tune in. I’ll be waiting for the update. XD
3/19/2012 c9 nallhir
umm... hey,, just wonderin'

when will you update? :P

I've been waiting for ages... XD
12/26/2011 c9 2montclaire06
i've been waiting for this update .. thanks so much..

please more fuyuumi and shimizu moments hahaha .. im quite excited ... keep it up ..mabuhay ka !
11/20/2011 c8 montclaire06
hiya .. thanks for updating .. I love it.. especially Shimizu-kun

please update.. can't wait for shimizu and fuyuumi moments here..

11/14/2011 c8 kururin-chan
Woww! Unexpectedly I'm liking this story. usually I don't like story with OC, but this one caught my interest.

Please update, from this review u know at least one person waiting for your update :)
10/22/2011 c6 montclaire06
hey nice story .. i like it

I miss shimizu here , can't wait what will happen next...

please update soon ... hehehe

very soon ..
10/10/2011 c6 nallhir
I was so waiting for this chapter! Though I actually really missed Shimizu,,^^,, Ooohhh, I’m getting really excited for the next chapters,, I hope disaster had already vanished on your place,, Maghihintay ako sa susunod na update!^^,,
9/20/2011 c4 37tentsubasa
Interesting idea. It would be nice if Hino could find a way to tag along too.

I think you've got multiple people's names mixed up, so here's a chart.

First Name Last Name

Kazuki Hihara

Azuma Yunoki

Keiichi Shimizu

Shouko Fuyuumi

Every occurrence of Tsukimori and Tsuchiura's names are correct.

-You need to switch Yunoki's first and last name in the letter

-You need to change most of the "Hihara"s to "Kazuki"s if you're going to stick with your first-name convention

-for these sentences-He then glanced at Hihara and Azuma, who were both watching their kohais with a rather amused expression. There was no problem with the bond between Kazuki and Yunoki, so Kanazawa assumed that their practice will go smoothly.-you'll need to decide which set of names to switch
9/20/2011 c5 tentsubasa
HA! I was right! =D Ok, enough gloating. =) This is a nice twist. I hope there'll be some Shimizu x Fuyuumi soon. It's not much of a triangle without. =)
9/20/2011 c3 tentsubasa
Uh oh! This has all the makings of an arranged marriage/merger...hmm...I wonder if I'm right. Again, all the names are switched, but at least you're consistent. =)
9/20/2011 c1 tentsubasa
Hello! I've only just read this first chapter, so I don't know if you fixed this in later chapters, but Fuyuumi is actually her last name, not Shouko. As such, Shimizu should be calling her Fuyuumi-san, not Shouko-san. =)

It's a cute start. =) I'm curious to see how this rivalry will pan out.
9/13/2011 c5 3misslaly19
I love your story can't wait to see what's going to happen next

update soon :)
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