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for When the Wallflower Bloomed

8/12/2011 c1 9Athrun-chan
Hey there. I notice that this story really go well .. I can't believe I missed it .

The Stephen character you've made is really awesome!^^ I like him, maybe 2 points better than Shimizu.

Oh well, please continue!

I'll be waiting! ^~^
7/22/2011 c1 XPeanutButterX
Cute story. Please continue! I like how everyone is in character. The start is really great. Update soon. :)
7/15/2011 c1 nallhir
cute^^,, please do continue!^^,,
6/15/2011 c1 Tsumomo
I think you should definitely go ahead with your story! :] There needs to be more Shouko F. fanfics, so I'll be waiting for your updates!
6/14/2011 c1 1purpose-is-an-ocean
Good summary. And yes, your friend is right...that really is a stupid thought. If you can write then you should post you story on fanfiction! So please go ahead and put up the first chapter!

I'll be waiting! :)

6/9/2011 c1 1Kasumisou
Oh! I like the start! Actually I like Shimizu after Kazuki and Len in LCDO^_~so I'll be glad to read your story! Please continue!:)
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