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for Through the Looking Glass

7/26 c9 Milskii
Really Tom you were supposed to be one of the brightest students to ever leave hogwarts you should be able to realize something is not right. Denial is more then just a river in Egypt and Tom is more than happy to buy a one way ticket and live there for the rest of his life.
3/20 c11 ChaoticMinds
Lololol, too bad Harry isn't an introvert. As such, he doesn't know or practice all the wily, people avoiding tricks we know and love.. :3c Thanks for the delicious update! I honestly wasn't expecting to see one in my inbox today. :D It was a nice surprise, this update.
3/3 c10 JoanW666
Plz update can’t wait for the next chapter
2/24 c10 5Lizzie's last night
Let me tell you, I was shook when I saw this fic was updated. I remember first reading it years ago when I was a kid and first found fanfiction, it was one of my favorites and I had a hard time accepting it could have been abandoned.

Reading this was like a trip down memory lane. I loved the chapter and am so appreciative for it. Can't wait to read more!
2/22 c10 Guest
Great new chapter! I’m glad they finally know the truth. I’m curious to see what happens now. Will Harry’s parents force him to marry Voldemort for a peace treaty? Is Harry in love with draco? Will they stay together with Voldemort’s blessing because he wants Harry to be happy? I do not see an easy path to them becoming lovers. Harry really disklikes him. I love the drama. I hate Harry’s twin brother, but he was just manipulated by Peter, but I don’t see him taking this standing down. I bet he tries to kill Harry be he believes he is Voldemort’s true mate. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
2/10 c10 Guest
I just wanted to say that getting an email notification that this fic had updated just made my week. Not going to lie, I recently got back into HP fanfic though I mostly read on AO3 now. But I wanted to reread a couple of the fics that I really loved so I went back and reread your fix “new divide” a couple weeks ago - to this day it still sticks out in my mind as one of my favorite LV/HP fics. Just wanted to leave a comment telling you how much I appreciate your writing - your stories have left an impact on me and kept me entertained for years :)
2/12 c10 RenaScarlet
Welcome back
2/11 c10 Ciel The Sky Arcobaleno
2/11 c10 72Derwyd
Was totally worth the wait! Love this fanfic and hope to see you writing again :)
2/11 c10 4RacySturdivant
It was worth the wait. I find the part where Lucius is trying to figure out what to say when Voldemort about the betrothal funny, but Snape grabbing Firewhiskey to help Tom funnier. It was well thought out, and I loved it.
2/10 c10 4Tempest S
Sounds like your mom should have put her foot down and remembered whose birthday it was. Did you Shanghai his birthday party?
2/10 c5 29Sakura Lisel
James and Lucious are jerks. *lol* they are setting up their 8 year old MALE sons together in an arranged marriage for what? They are 8. They don’t know what they WANT yet when it comes to romance, yet their parents feel the need to not only set them up in a arranged marriage that would force them to get married when they get older if it wasn’t for the clauses that would allow them to break the contract if they found somebody else, but they also set their sons up in marriage to another boy? Unless the magic of the contract force them into being gay so that they would be more accepting of the idea as they get older, what if neither of them are gay when it’s time to get married and neither wants to marry the other at all? *lol*
2/10 c4 Sakura Lisel
Hey unless you changed Harry and Tarrants birthday, you have their ages wrong by February 1982. You said they are 18 months old in February, which is wrong. With their birthday being in July, they are 19 months old, since they would have been have been 15 months old when Voldemort attacked in October 1981.
2/10 c10 1HawayoFlitwick
Lovely new chapter :)
7/20/2021 c9 Guest
Please continue this story im addicted
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