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for Coming Home

6/28/2011 c3 13StraightLife116
Woah! Poor Aaron! Poor Shawn! Oh my gosh! Bring him back!
6/27/2011 c2 48captainbartholomew
Aaron seems like a mini verison of Shawn in some ways. I feel bad for him about his mom, that's horrible. I did love him raising his shirt to Jessica. That made me laugh. :) Can't wait to see wait you have planned for him, Shawn, and Rebecca next chapter!
6/14/2011 c1 13StraightLife116
I really like this story. It puts Shawn in quite an interesting situation. I can dig it indeed.
6/14/2011 c2 StraightLife116
story rocks! I can totally dig it! It's really really good!

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