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9/7/2020 c10 4Curse Of Kings
Why did you stop writing this story?q
1/23/2019 c10 Naresuan
Compared to the other touhou fanfics this one is more intresting
8/5/2012 c1 Guest
This really is a good story. However, there is one major problem. The fact that the Lunarians don't know psychology. It'd be fine if they called it something else, but it's highly improbable that they would lack actual psychology. Aside from that though, this is a good story.
8/21/2011 c1 3catnip513
Wow, I can't believe no else had made a review on this. Anyway, the story looks interesting so I'm going to continue reading it.

I like how you used the psychology thing though I find the Yukari part a bit weird.

Still, its your story so I shouldn't complain.

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