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for Didn't Think I'd See You Again

4/2/2016 c19 1Ramona Fox
I really enjoyed this story, thanks!
11/22/2011 c12 maxandfangforever733
zomg I like love you! I live in Delaware! This is a great story btw
11/22/2011 c12 Maxandfangforever733
Zing I like love you! I live in Delaware so I'm loving this chapter and no Maryland doesn't really smell like fish
9/12/2011 c19 2WillowTree1996
awww, i loved this story you did very well on it keep up the good work! :D
8/13/2011 c2 Fabulous as FCUK
AwesomenessI wanna read more but can't I gotta log off


7/28/2011 c19 tallmiss
That was a great ending to a great story! Your right, max does need a little sappy.
7/27/2011 c19 1DreamWalker423
loved it. I'm sad that it's over though. :(
7/27/2011 c19 1CrownsAndConverse
I shall fulfill your request and review for the last time... :( It's an amazing story, so sad to see it end.-tear- Excellent ending. I like happy endings, I once read this story where the oldest three died, and I was really annoyed. Thanks to that last bit, I FINALLY figured out what spooning is because I'm too lazy to look it up.

Fly On,

7/27/2011 c19 3dancerxforlifex3
aw that was such a sweet ending. :) anyway, bravo with this story! you did an amazing job. xx
7/27/2011 c19 1xXxAronoelExXx
Of course I'll review! I always review the last chap whether or not I reviewed in the earlier chaps! So anyway, not to be mean or anything, it kinda was sappy xP I was hoping for a little cliff hanger in the end but oh well! AWESOME story over all! Keep writing! :DDD

-Vy the faithful reader
7/27/2011 c19 3Anna Ride
I WUVED THE ENDING! I mean, she DIED for a second there! She deserved it, for goodness' sake!
7/21/2011 c18 Rhaksha Ora
Recover, or go in a coma, but be thought dead!
7/20/2011 c18 7LoganLover19
all i have to say is she had better not be dead that would be very bad very very bad
7/20/2011 c18 1xXxAronoelExXx
Ullo! The last time I reviewed was like way back in Chapter 8. But I was still following this story and I must say, it turned out wwaayyy better than I thought!

Ohk! Uhm...How bout they have to leave her and then the scientists take her and she recovers and all that and while she's recovering the Flock is all depressed about her death and then one day Max escapes and finds the flock? Idk, I'm not good at writing endings. They're always too happy xP

-Your faithful reader

7/20/2011 c18 volleytheball12
No! She lives! She will live! Please?
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